If you’ve been married for any length of time you may have hurt your spouse.


This could be through the words you have said, by being silent, pulling away, not spending time with them, and more.

Even though this has happened you can rebuild the trust in your marriage.

You need to ask your spouse right now, “Give Me A Chance”.

This week Tony & Alisa share how you can begin to rebuild the trust in your marriage and be given another chance.

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One thought on “192: GIVE ME A CHANCE

  1. Tony and Alisa,

    This topic hit VERY close to home for me. In our nearly 8 years of marriage, my husband has hurt me that many times. Emotional affairs/infidelity and pornography were his weapons of choice to nearly destroy our bond. The most recent incident occurred only 2 months ago and I was beyond frustrated, hurt and ready to give him his walking papers. I also felt stupid for not having done

    I got married very young. He was actually my first serious relationship. In the past, I had taken him back and welcomed him with open arms because I was afraid of not having him in my life and more afraid that no one else would love me. With time and the birth/growing up of our child, I became increasingly more aware that I could exist without him. The question was whether or not I wanted to.

    After this last pain, I was not sure if I wanted to. I found your podcast and listened to Warrior or Walkover. That was the sign that I did want to save our relationship, but I wasn’t sure how. I was hurt to the core and didn’t think I could forgive him for all of the pains.

    This podcast was something we both needed to hear and came just a few days after a fight with and about our son turned into yet another run around of the skeletons in our closet or the dirt that was turning our proverbial rug into a mountain. He listened to it before I did and made it clear that he understood my point of view better. I needed time. He could provide me with everything else that I may want or need from our relationship but none of those could bandage the wound like time.

    When I listened to it, I realized that I need to give him the grace that he’s so desperately wanted and quite frankly, deserved in these past two months. We took off our masks during our fight but we were both unsure of what the next steps to take were. He’s trying and now I need to try. Love is only a verb if both parties are active.

    You both seem to know exactly what we need and when we need it. I thank God that I found your podcast because I now know that our marriage can work and will work because we both want to make it work.

    Thank you both for all you do!