Words are interesting and the subtle differences in meaning can often go unnoticed.

Except that these words can be played over and over in your head.

The words that you choose to use when you have to do something have meaning.

These words carry weight not just to you but also for your spouse.

This week Tony & Alisa look at two words that can lead to a ho-hum marriage or one that is extraordinary. They share the difference between “Need To” or “Want To” in your marriage and in your life.

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One thought on “198: WANT TO OR NEED TO

  1. Interesting thoughts in this podcast. I love words, so I paid extra attention to this one, and I can see how making the distinction the way you did. I have another way of thinking about it to suggest that may also be helpful to some.

    As I think of the terms, “need to” is stronger version of “want to” or “desire to.” The obligation word (phrase, actually) is “have to.”

    “I have to go on a date with you,” is grudging, obligatory, and one more thing on the task list.
    “I want to go on a date with you,” indicates a desire to do it, but I can live without it.
    “I need to go on a date with you,” says I want to do it so badly and I’ve placed so much importance on it that I can’t not do it.

    That’s how I identify them. Not better or “right” compared to the way you presented it, but since I think of it so differently and figured I’m not the only one, I thought this might be a helpful perspective.