Temptation has been around since the beginning of mankind.


It happened in the Garden of Eden and temptation may impact you and your marriage at one time or another.

Even though temptation is present and will put your marriage in jeopardy there are safeguards that you need to put in place.

These safeguards are set for the sole purpose of keeping your attention on what is most important, your spouse.

This week Tony & Alisa share how temptation if not communicated with your spouse can drive a wedge between the two of you.


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2 thoughts on “202: TEMPTATION

  1. As the caller in this episode I feel I need to thank you guys.

    Unfortunately I’ve been offline since december because I fell to my temptation, pornography. I prompltly admitted this to my wife and part of our plan was a total shutdown of the internet for a few months. Of course this frustrated her even further. I am now back online with many safeguards and very limited access but am allowed to be here and download your show, of which I am now re-caught up on. Thank you for the show, I never had the opportunity to listen to this episode before my fall.

    To the person who wrote to you for episode 203 suggesting the pictures. I appreciate the input and your service as a military wife. I wish I could reply to you directly but unfortunately this suggestion is a no-go for 2 reasons.

    1, My wife is very prudish, even the suggestion many years ago of taking ANY intimate pictures of her caused a blowout.

    2. Having such pictures would just fuel my desire of her even further. And when you can’t have what you desire it really dampens your spirit and makes your temptation MUCH worse.

    I love my wife but I am still frustrated and even more tempted than before. Since this revelation our clinically sexless marriage has gotten to a near totally sexless state making solo masturbation the only release I’m able to get.

    Oh well, such is life. I’ve not totally lost hope but I’m close.

    Again thanks for the show, keep up the good work. Many can be helped and have been helped but unfortunately some are without hope. Maybe this is my punishment for years of indulgence in pornography.

  2. While to addressed some of the topics surrounding this issue I don’t think you actually answered the question posed. Temptation is always around us. I am more interested in WHAT can/should be shared with the spouse. My wife and I have discussed this some and she doesn’t really want to know details that some swimsuit model looked hot or that the neighbor lady is cute, but to know THAT I am tempted and perhaps having a rough day or week may be enough. So, from a woman’s point of view, Alisa, how much about Tony’s daily temptation do you want to know about?