Sexual intimacy is an important part of your marriage. There is a connection only you have with your spouse and it’s amazing when you have it.


The problem is that you’re always initiating sex.

After awhile it would be refreshing if your spouse were to pursue you.

What would happen in your marriage if this were to happen?

This week Tony & Alisa speak frankly about what it means to initiate sex. Their insights in their own marriage will have you learning what you need to do in your marriage so that both of you are initiating sex.

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2 thoughts on “206: INITIATING SEX

    • Hey Sreve,

      Thanks for the great questions. In The Intimacy Lifestyle is you and your spouse are OK with you initiating twice then it is all good. For us we have it set up that it’s “at least” once. If we end up having sex again in those three days it’s a bonus. 😉

      Hope this helps.