Flowers, cards, jewelry, books and gifts of any kind show your spouse that you love them.


Purchasing a little something is one way for you to show your spouse that you love them. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t enjoy a gift on those special occasions during the year.

And yet only giving gifts will leave your spouse longing for that personal attention.

So, keep lavishing your spouse with fun gifts, but during those times in between make sure to simply love on them in your own special way.

Here are 21 ways you can show your spouse how much you love them at different times throughout the year.

Hold Hands

Phones, bags, kids and other items fill up your hands throughout the day. Make it a point when your hands are empty to reach out and grab your spouse’s hand.

Say Thank You

It’s amazing what is conveyed when you say “Thank you for __________ (fill in the blank)”. Do it when your spouse least expects it and often.

Encourage Your Spouse

Everything around you is tearing down your spouse. Make it a point to lift them up with a few compliments.

Don’t Use All The Hot Water

Who wants to jump into the shower and be cold. Take a quick shower so your spouse can enjoy a long relaxing one. Better yet get in there together and use it all up. 🙂

Speak Don’t Shout

Your tone makes a big difference on how your spouse receives what you are saying.

Listen Intently

Put the electronics away and the distractions aside so that you can fully hear what your spouse is sharing with you. You can miss a lot when your alerts keep pinging you.

Put Sex On The Calendar

Best thing ever! No need to wonder when and if you are going to have sex. It’s on the calendar and you both know it.

Share Laughter

The tough times can zap you of the fun you once had together. Laughter brings joy into your lives as you push aside the seriousness of life.

Keep Talking

Don’t let the conversations grow stale and stop. Ask questions that that will help you experience a deeper connection.

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Be Kind

A simple act of kindness, be it a smile, opening the car door, putting down the toilet seat or taking in the trash cans can pay big dividends.

Be Trustworthy

Do what you say and say what you do. Trust is the foundation to a healthy and vibrant marriage.

Share Tears

When times of sorrow or times of joy bring forth those wet drops from your eyes let them flow. And if it’s during a romcom it’s all good.

Show Respect

You need to have a deep admiration for your spouse when it comes to their abilities, qualities, and achievements.

Cuddle On The Couch

Grab a blanket, jump on the couch and get close to each other. This act of love is worth doing a few times a week.

Share Jokes

Lighten up the atmosphere as you joke around in a loving way. Make sure your spouse is on the same page or they may not get that you a sharing the love with them.

Have Fun

Play a fun board game, gaze at the stars or take on a challenge together. What ever it is you are having fun together.

Share Hugs

What would happen if you give your spouse a hug everyday? Not a quick “good to see you” hug, but one where you held them in your arms lovingly.

Be Honest

Transparency will set you free. When you are virtuous this leads to a deeper level of trust and love.


It doesn’t have to be a win-lose situation every time. Be willing to find the win-win as you come together as a team.

Champion Their Cause

You should be your spouse’s biggest supporter.

Pray Together

Have a drop zone where you and your spouse can bring your desires to Jesus.

Write A Love Letter

A love letter is the perfect way to reignite the spark in your relationship. Set a recurring reminder on your calendar to have one for your spouse each week, month or quarter.

No matter how you choose to show your spouse you love them the key is to do it consistently.

Take one or two ways that resonate with you and show your love over the next 30 days.

Watch the changes that will happen within you and your spouse.

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