When you get engaged and become newlyweds you get lots of advice from family and friends.


They want you to start your marriage out on the right foot and yet the advice usually given is the same ole thing.

After hearing, “don’t sweat the little things”, “hold hands all the time” and “be there for one another”, for the hundredth time you want more.

You’re an engaged couple or married now and you know that marriage isn’t going to be as easy as this.

This week Tony & Alisa share the things they would share with an engaged couple or newlyweds about what they should know about being married. Listen in and learn what you should know to make your marriage extraordinary!

Stop Living Your Marriage Like It’s a 30-Minute Sitcom

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2 thoughts on “217: I WISH I WOULD HAVE KNOWN

  1. I have been listening to your program for a while now, working my way through all of them .
    I got a chuckle out of your analogy on this program. The horse “blew a tire”. “The horse blew two tires”.

    Horses with tires? lol keep up the good work

    • Ken, great to have you part of the ONE Family.

      Yes, every once in a while the things that come out just don’t make sense. 😉

      We get a chuckle ourselves when we listen back and hear something like this.

      Love you guys.