In your every day life you see the world and all that is around you in shades of grey.


On the other hand you look at your marriage and there is only black and white, it’s either all good or all bad.

Your perception is that if your marriage isn’t in one of these extremes then there is something wrong.

Well, that place in the middle is where you want to be.

This week Tony & Alisa share why it is important to live your marriage in the middle instead of living as if it is all good or all bad.

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4 thoughts on “218: IT’S NOT ALL GOOD OR ALL BAD

  1. As usual job well done you two. Thank you for all you do effecting thousands of marriages daily. You are loved and cherished!

  2. I’ve only been listening for about 6 episodes or so, but this is the best one I have heard. This was so encouraging and I’m certain it helped a lot of people, just like it did me.

    Just had to let you know! Keep it up!

    • We’re humbled and honored to have you part of the ONE family Adam. Glad you liked the show as it has resonated with many others.

      Had a conversation with a guy who has been married 46 years come this June. As we were talking about this very topic he told me that most of his marriage has been those times in the middle.

      Have a blessed day.