Summertime is here, the kids are out of school, and learning is the last thing on their mind.

Unfortunately many of you have taken the same attitude in your marriage. School has been out for awhile now.

You know what you know about your spouse and you don’t need to learn anything more.

We can relate this to the high school senior that has stopped studying after receiving their college acceptance letter. No need to work hard now that the prize has been obtained.

When it comes to your physical intimacy you got that acceptance letter long ago. And yet you may be frustrated, are experiencing a drift, or have stopped talking because you don’t know how to say what’s going on with you and your body. The arguments starts and the learning stops.

On this week’s show Tony & Alisa share the importance of continued learning when it comes to your physical intimacy. Each phase of life and your marriage is going to be a time for both of you to go “back to school”. This is a time to learn what physical intimacy means.

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