When you get under the sheets and sleep naked with your spouse there are a number of benefits that both of you will experience.


There are three ways you will benefit from getting under the sheets and sleeping naked.

You will experience health benefits (think hormones), better sleep as well as both physical and sexual benefits.

Take on the challenge of sleeping naked and experience the connection you’ll have with your spouse.

In this week’s show Tony & Alisa talk about the benefits of sleeping naked for both you and your marriage.


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3 thoughts on “250: UNDER THE SHEETS AND NAKED

  1. Also, one of the big health benefits is for your lymphatic system. Clothing, especially any kind of constrictive clothing, keeps this crucial system from cleaning the junk out. So, sleeping naked at least gives your body some hours each day to function properly in that regard.

    A podcast with some great health/science related information about this and many other things (like diet) is Shawn Stevenson’s, The Model Health Podcast. He has a couple episodes on this kind of things as well as dangers associated with bras and the links to cancer, etc. (I can provide a link, but Google should find it easily.) It’s easily the best health podcast I’ve run across, and Shawn is great at explaining and uncovering the science to back his claims up.

  2. I just recently found y’all. My husband and I just celebrated our 15 yr anniversary this week. We have 5 kids together, and my husband is in the military. We have always had a high value of our physical intamacy together. It’s been like the “thermometer” of our marriage. It’s helped us to navigate through storms and helped us avoid others. We connect regularly each week in a sexual way, though somewhere along the way we just went auto pilot with it. After years together we could please each other in our sleep, however it’s become a selfish very guarded not fun thing. Listening to you both I have been reminded that it’s not just the physical sexual act that is important. The emotional and spiritual satisfaction is important as well. Three days ago I would have said my sex life was great, today I can see the holes in it. With a military lifestyle it is very difficult at times to connect. It’s a little embarrassing to look at my husband after all these years and say ” I’m bored, are you?” We have both been listening to the various podcasts while he’s been on a trip, he picks one and we text about it. I pick one and so on. We have regained a level of connected spiritual and emotional intamacy while separated that I forgot we could have. We both are eagerly looking forward to being together again. Well sleep naked again like young lovers, free and without walls. We’ll be doing the 7 day sex challenge. Thanx for talking openly about this topic.