Premature ejaculation occurs when a man ejaculates sooner during sexual intercourse than he or his partner would like.


It’s a time when you can feel embarrassed and/or lacking as a man. The ability to extend sexual pleasure is directly related to your manhood and premature ejaculation doesn’t make you feel this way.

The moment after this happens is a critical time between you and your spouse. What the two of you do, how you react, and where you go from here are all important as you process the situation.

In this week’s show Tony & Alisa talk about the physical as well as the emotional ramifications of premature ejaculation.

***Please note that Tony and Alisa are not medical doctors. Nothing in today’s show is medical advice. Should you have an ongoing issue please seek out help from your medical professional.

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One thought on “254: PREMATURE EJACULATION

  1. Hi Tony,

    Thanks for covering this topic. One thing that I would like to say is that this is a problem that almost any man can overcome without medical intervention. Being a premature ejaculator, while frustrating, simply means that your body is working as designed. Look at the animal kingdom that our Father God has created. Think about how long it takes for copulation to take place with mammals. By our standards they would all be premature ejaculators.

    This natural condition can be controlled using simple exercises called kegals. I”ve done this successfully for over 15 years and that means that I can make love to my wife for 5 minutes or 1 hour straight depending on our mood without wearing out due to PE.
    I’m going to e-mail you some information that will explain in detail how this condition can be overcome. Congratulations on finally being able to enjoy your wife (with no condom) the way God intended with full sensation.

    Thanks for your podcast, thanks for creating the intimacy lifestyle. This has helped my wife and I finally share the responsibility of who initiates sex.