When you choose to only have sex when your kids are away or when everyone is, can be limiting in terms of when the two of you can be sexually intimacy.


Giving yourself permission to have sex when the kids are home can be liberating.

Your kids are not going to die if they find out that their parents have sex. In fact, they might just feel a bit more secure about their family knowing that their parents are choosing to be sexually intimate.

In this week’s show Tony and Alisa talk about what you can do to become more comfortable having sex when the kids are home.

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4 thoughts on “256: SEX WHEN THE KIDS ARE HOME

  1. We had a lock on the bedroom door. Our bedroom was opposite side of house from kids and/or grandkids. We had a white noise machine and it ran all the time (we were partial to the ocean waves). Now as empty nesters the problem is less frequent.
    However, this last December our 27 yo son was home from US NAVY and we still managed three times in two weeks while he was home on leave. Love your show and the many ideas that you provide even for us ( in our sixties and been together for 42+ yrs). God’s Blessings to you both in the coming times. ( no pun intended). xoxoxo

  2. Steve you are an inspiration. My wife tries to make time for me, but we have a busy household.
    She keeps the house clean and organized, focuses on our two beautiful girls, she just doesn’t have the kind of desires. Three times in 2 weeks sounds great, I’d be satisfied
    I will continue to be the best husband I can be, I tell my wife I am glad I married her and mean it.
    She’s the best, I want more intimacy with her.

    • Hey Jason. Great question.

      This actually happened to us last night. We acknowledged the interruption, made it a point to let each other know that we were going to still continue after the interruption and that it would take some time to get there. We had to adjust expectations of what our sexual intimacy was going to be for both of us. It ended up being a quickie that we both enjoyed.

      Love you guys.

      Tony & Alisa