It’s time to enhance your financial intimacy as a couple. With these 26 money conversations, you can work together to strengthen your marriage and deepen your connection. 


For many couples, financial intimacy often falls off the radar. Other areas of marriage, such as emotional or sexual intimacy, tend to take precedence. 

But The 6 Pillars of Intimacy® are all interconnected. That means when one pillar has cracks, it weakens the others. 

In other words, when you ignore financial intimacy, you put the rest of your marriage at risk. 

The 26 questions below can help prompt meaningful money conversations that every married couple should be having

Money Conversations to Get On the Same Page

  1. What is our combined credit score, and how can we work together to maintain or improve it?
  2. Do we have an emergency fund in place, and if not, how can we prioritize building one together?
  3. How can we make the most of our income(s) to support our financial goals?
  4. Are there any adjustments we need to make to our payroll deductions to better align with our financial goals?
  5. How can we optimize our tax strategy as a married couple? 
  6. What is our combined net worth, and how can we grow it over time?
  7. What debts do we have, and what’s our plan for paying them off together?

Tip: Bookmark this article so you can refer back to keep your financial intimacy strong! 

Day-to-Day Finance Questions for Married Couples

  1. What variable expenses do we incur each month, and are we allowing flexibility in our spending? 
  2. How can we avoid financial strains, such as overdrafts or unexpected fees? 
  3. Can we make adjustments to our utilities to minimize unnecessary expenses? 
  4. What improvements can we make to our current budgeting process? 
  5. Are we managing our expenses to ensure we are living within our means? 
  6. Would zero-based budgeting be beneficial for us?

Tip: Extraordinary couples regularly discuss their finances and money dreams (and enjoy happier marriages, too).

Planning For the Financial Future Together

  1. What are our shared financial goals as a couple, and how can we work together to achieve them?
  2. What are our retirement goals, and are we on track to achieve them? 
  3. Have we discussed and created a will or trust together?
  4. Are there any loans we’re considering as a couple, and what are the implications for our financial future?
  5. How can we prioritize saving as a couple and ensure we’re setting aside enough for our future needs?

Tip: These aren’t one-time-only conversations. And the more you practice talking about money, the more comfortable you’ll become!

Covering Assets and Investments

  1. What are our investment strategies as a couple?
  2. What assets do we currently own, and are we managing them effectively? 
  3. How do we plan to navigate homeownership or other significant investments? 
  4. Do mutual funds align with our investment goals, and if so, how can we incorporate them into our portfolio?
  5. What types of investments offer the best yield potential for our financial goals?

Tip: Anything related to money falls into the Financial Intimacy Pillar, including day-to-day expenses, insurance, retirement, estate planning, and more. 

Money Conversations to Get You Both Involved

  1. What’s a good process for us to access and manage our joint accounts?
  2. How can we ensure we stay informed about financial matters and make well-informed decisions together?
  3. How can we support each other with career advancement and other financial opportunities?

Tip: Money in marriage is not just one spouse’s responsibility. You both should be involved. 

Are Money Issues Hurting Your Marriage?

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