The time is right and you are ready to make love to your spouse. You’ve been romancing each other and it’s your time to initiate sex.


There are certain rituals that you both may have before you make love.

These may include, but not limited to…

  • Dimmed lights
  • Light candles or turn them on
  • Warm the bed (turn on electric blanket)
  • Turn up the heat
  • Turn on the sound machine
  • Take a shower
  • Essential oil diffuser

On the other had what you do afterwards also plays a part in your sexual intimacy.

You may…

Hurry up to get the towel or the sheets are going to get dirty. Aren’t the sheets already dirty?

Jump up and out of bed to get cleaned up or you may bask in the joy as you cuddle.

No matter what time it is or what may be coming up you take a shower to clean off.

There’s also the do we put clothes back on or sleep naked.

Both the before and after sex rituals are an area that need to be looked at and discussed in your marriage.

In this week’s show Tony and Alisa talk about the many rituals that can take place before and after sex because there’s a lot more happening than just the physical act.

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2 thoughts on “261: BEFORE AND AFTER SEX

  1. Alisa is totally right on this one, and Tony, you are totally missing out man! When my wife puts on lingerie I usually see it (and sometimes she is coy so I just barely glimpse it across the hall) at least 15 minutes before, if not hours before we have sex, and the anticipation when that happens (because I know it is on and she is in a special mood), that anticipation is probably my 2nd most favorite thing in our sex life and in the entire world! Plus lingerie is a way she will tempt and tease me, especially when she mixes up with new ones. Because men are so visual, lingerie provides some new ways to notice and interpret her curves, and some new memories and daydreams for the next day. Finally, she almost always makes sure that me undressing her or at least toying with or partially taking of the lingerie is part of the game so it is like unwrapping the best gift ever. Tony, you are missing out on Christmas! You guys gotta give lingerie another try! Tell us how it goes!