You’ve decided that it’s time. It’s time to change because what’s been happening isn’t what you want to continue doing.


You’ve decided to make some changes.


…your spouse has just noticed that something is up and is asking, “Why are you acting like this?”

You know why and yet it’s a bit difficult to explain to your spouse.

In this week’s show Tony and Alisa talk about what happens in your marriage dynamic when you start to work on yourself and your spouse starts wondering why you are acting differently.

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One thought on “268: WHY ARE YOU ACTING LIKE THIS?

  1. Hi Tony and Alisa,

    I just finished this podcast and had to tell you this has happened between my husband and I. I had stopped listening for awhile and picked back up and have gotten caught up. My husband and I have a great marriage . The only thing we fight about is sex . I am the only need it 1 time a week girl while he wants it all the time . I decided after listen to many episodes to just start inninating and see what happened . My husband by the 3 day started asking what was up. I told him about your podcast . He even listen to some himself . things have so much better since I started working on myself in this area. This has been going on for about a month now. I have to say just fixing this little thing has made small things that he normally might get upset about just not bother him . Who knew a good sex life was the key. We had always had sex several times a week but now there is more of a connection . It is not a chore for me. Thanks for your podcast and I enjoy listening every week !