Kissing, a touch with the lips as a sign of love or sexual desire, is a special act between you and your spouse.

If done at the right time and place it can ignite passion, desire, and lead to something more.

Where you are when you plant that romantic kiss on your spouse can multiply the romance and connection between the two as well.

So grab your spouse, close your eyes, and plant a romantic kiss on their lips in one of these special places.

  1. Watching the sunrise or sunset on a secluded beach
  2. Standing on a bridge
  3. By a creek as you share a picnic
  4. Under a rising full moon (must watch video)
  5. In an outdoor shower
  6. As fireworks explode overhead
  7. On top of a mountain
  8. While exploring an ancient ruin site
  9. In a natural hot spring
  10. On top of the Eifell Tower, Paris or Las Vegas
  11. Sitting by a beach bonfire
  12. Yosemite Falls, Yosemite National Park
  13. On a clear starry night
  14. Cuddling on a hammock in the rain forest
  15. Sitting on top of a RV watching a NASCAR race
  16. On a narrow gauge railroad train
  17. Laying on a bear skin rug
  18. Gondola ride in Venice, Italy
  19. Beside a roaring fire as it rains outside
  20. On a cable car in San Francisco
  21. 1500 feet up in a hot air ballon
  22. On a cliff overlooking the valley below
  23. In a glass elevator
  24. Paddling a kayak together in a lake or the ocean
  25. Ice skating on your own private rink
  26. On the top of a ferris wheel
  27. Laying amongst the spring flowers at a park

Now that you have some places to go add your own special twist to each of these and plant that romantic kiss on your spouses lips.

Share with us the most breathtaking place you have been kissed by your spouse in the comments below.

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