Whether you’ve been married for a few years or a few decades, it’s easier to spice things up in the bedroom when you have a few sex tips in mind.


Sexual intimacy is a fun and exciting part of marriage. But when things cool down, you might need a jolt of inspiration to bring back the passion. 

These 27 sex tips can help reignite that spark of seduction between you and your spouse. 

Sex Tips for Your Bedroom

Here are some tips to set the scene for deeper sexual intimacy: 

  1. Turn off your notifications: Put your phone down and focus on each other without digital interruptions.
  2. Drown out the noise: Create a relaxing environment with the help of a sound machine
  3. Add some sex furniture: Explore new positions with ramps, pillows, and cushions designed for sex.
  4. Invest in nice bedding: Comfortable sheets and blankets can make your time together feel luxurious.
  5. Try special scents: Set the mood with your favorite scents, such as candles, salt lamps, or other aromatherapy items.

Enjoy the Build Up

Romance is an important part of sexual intimacy. So, set yourselves up for success by getting things going before you get to the bedroom. 

  1. Go on a sexy date: Flirt with each other, play footsie under the table, and act like you did when you first met. 
  2. Switch up when and where you have sex: Try initiating sex in the morning or afternoon, or go away on a romantic getaway
  3. Surprise your spouse with a new look: Pick up a sexy lingerie set or nice pair of boxers to wear for your next sexual encounter. 
  4. Exchange playful touches: Grab your spouse’s rear end or give them a playful kiss on the neck when they’re not expecting it.
  5. Send sexy texts: Build anticipation throughout the day by sending a sexy message or suggestive photo. (Be sure to use a messaging app that protects your privacy and security.) 
  6. Engage in deep emotional conversations: When you connect on an emotional level, you can experience deeper sexual intimacy. So start sharing your thoughts and feelings with each other!

Sex Tips for Foreplay and Intercourse

When it comes time for the “main event,” don’t forget about these essential sex tips: 

  1. Pay attention to erogenous zones: Explore touching different areas of your spouse’s body to increase pleasure, such as their neck, collarbone, and inner thighs.
  2. Try edging: Build up to the climax slowly for a more intense experience. The simple formula is to get to the point of orgasm, stop, wait, and then start again. 
  3. Make foreplay more enjoyable with sexy games: Have fun during foreplay with unique games and ideas
  4. Keep the lights on and your eyes open: Looking into each other’s eyes can make the experience more intimate and passionate.
  5. Express yourself: Don’t hold back your moans. And tell your spouse when they’re doing something you really enjoy. 
  6. Be mindful of your breathing: Intentional breathing during intercourse can help create a more intense experience. 
  7. Keep things slick and slippery: Use a high-quality lube to make things more comfortable. 
  8. Don’t be afraid to try new sex positions: Keep things interesting by experimenting with how you position your bodies.

Take Care of Your Body

A healthy body is vital for mind-blowing sex. Check out these sex tips that you can address on your own or with your spouse:

  1. Do your kegels: Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles can improve sexual function for both of you.
  2. Address low libido: If one or both of you wrestles with low desire, don’t hesitate to talk with a doctor about libido-boosting nutrients, hormone therapy, or other solutions. 
  3. Keep your body healthy: Exercise and eat well to ensure you can enjoy passionate sex for a long time! 

Sex Tips for Better Sexual Intimacy

Overall, your sexual intimacy develops faster when you have strong emotional intimacy. In other words, talk with your spouse and approach sex as a team. Here are some tips to help you do that: 

  1. Do a sex challenge: The goal is simple. Pick a number of days in a row, have sex on each of those days, and compare notes. Watch your marriage grow healthier each time.
  2. Keep trying: If something doesn’t work right away, give it some time. Experimentation can be fun, even if it doesn’t always go perfectly.
  3. Determine your ideal initiation strategy: Whether you take turns or one person usually leads, make your own rules about sex.
  4. Schedule it: Life gets busy. Putting sex on the calendar ensures it doesn’t get overlooked.
  5. Talk to a marriage coach or counselor: If you have cracks in your Sexual Intimacy Pillar, you might need personal help to address your challenges

Bonus Tip: Ask These 19 Questions to Amazing Sex

Incorporating these sex tips into your routine is a great way to keep your marriage passionate and exciting. Remember, the goal is to strengthen your sexual intimacy by trying new things, communicating, and having fun. 

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Here’s to a red-hot marriage!

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