The idea of running below empty is nothing new.


What is new is how running below empty is impacting marriages. Possible even having a negative affect on you right now.

When you are below empty what suffers the most is not your job or your obligations to others…

…instead what often suffers are your personal relationships. Specifically the one with your spouse.

In this week’s show Tony & Alisa talk about when you are running below empty and the impact that doing too much has on your marriage.

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Imagine your spouse finding your love letter placed under their pillow one night and the surprised look on their face.

Imagine their eyes lighting up as they open it and read the perfectly crafted message from their caring wife or husband.

Imagine knowing what to say and how to say it AND having the time to make it all happen.

We know you are saying YES, show me how. Check out Romance the Write Way for all of the details.

3 Ways to Create a More Intimate Bedroom

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