There may have been seasons in your marriage when neither one of you stood up to lead the family.


You, your spouse and your marriage were like a boat with no rudder, just going around and around in circles trying to get somewhere but going nowhere.

The definition of insanity is, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

If you aren’t sure when, why or how to lead your marriage then it’s time to begin learning.

Your marriage needs leadership.

You both have different skills and abilities that contribute to the marriage.

Your strengths matter, learn what they are and then use them to both of your advantage to lead your marriage.

In this week’s show Tony & Alisa talk about ways that you can lead and share the leadership in your marriage.

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2 thoughts on “274: IT’S TIME TO TAKE THE LEAD

  1. This podcast on leading and your date skit you mentioned…”Where do you want to go?”, made me want to share with you our summer situation. We are almost empty-nesters, since our son is away at boarding school during the school year, at age 17, but has come home for the summer. We wanted to keep our marriage vital, and so last week, we sat out on the deck and each wrote out 10 date ideas for us to do this summer. We shared them, and ended up keeping 18 of the 20 ideas to use, and plan on having a date-night once a week to give us time alone. I’m looking forward to the next 11 weeks instead of dreading the lack of alone time or privacy while our son is home. Thanks for all you share and do for marriages world-wide! We’ve been listening to you since somewhere around Episode 90 and feel as if you are friends :). Thanks again!

    • This is awesome Angie!!!

      What a great night you both had to come up with 18 date ideas that you can now go and do.

      Sounds like this is really hitting home for you as now you don’t have to dread the alone time but will be out there doing what both of you enjoy doing.

      Love having you part of the ONE Family.

      Love you guys.