Financial stress is an intimacy killer. Plain and simple. It can keep you up at night and it keeps you worrying during the day.


It’s hard to let down your guard when you are worried about paying the bills or having food on the table.

The fear keeps you and your spouse from living the life, the marriage you were meant to have.

Today it’s time to make the decision that you are going to tell your money what to do. You are going to live an extraordinary life and it’s starts with making a change to the little expenses.

In this week’s show Tony and Alisa talk about you, your money and how getting your financial intimacy on the same page is important for your marriage, your bottom line and will allow you to have money in the bank.

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4 thoughts on “276: MONEY IN THE BANK

    • Hey Carlos,

      The key with paying down debt is that you need to do it as quickly as you can. If you can generate the income from your online work to do this then great. If not then we would suggest that you look for a couple of ways that you can earn income to pay off your debt. There is nothing more frustrating then to be in a place where you are trying to bring in income and yet are not able to. So for us we have always found that service based businesses are best. Can you do service work through your online business? If so, then make it happen.

      Love you guys,

      Tony & Alisa

  1. I can’t agree more whith you! We need to pay atention in our financial health in order to not get trouble in the future. Good job!

  2. Financial health is critical for all areas of life. If your finances go badly, everything else is affected.