The quickie can be an amazing sexual experience in your marriage if you know the secret to enjoying it together.


In our own marriage, our sex life can be a bit off during the summer months.

Different schedules, kids are home, vacations, and just hanging out.

This change in seasons can be challenging if you and your spouse don’t discuss what is happening.

When expectations are kept to yourself it sets the two of you up for frustration and failure.

Not something either of you want.

In this week’s Tony and Alisa talk about setting up your quickie expectations and the necessity for both of you to enjoy a quickie in different seasons of your marriage.

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Scheduling Sex and The Intimacy Lifestyle


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  1. Hey guys, thanks as always. Just wanted to submit some food for thought: For me the quickie is difficult for a different reason – most of the time it becomes a quickie when my wife is tired and just doesn’t want it. She will start to rush it along, and depending on how bad I want it, I may play along or I may give up, but I never feel satisfied afterward, but instead feel like I am less important than whatever she was doing before that (facebook, cleaning, etc.) or the sleep right after. The problem is I always feel like she is just “doing her duty” and she has said as much. I wish the quickie was a good tool to stay intimate when we don’t have time for more (parents of 3 and 1 yr. olds), but it is just a point of frustration for both of us. Look forward to your thoughts, Best! Nick