282: LOOK UP

Are you living in your own little bubble with your head down, focused only on yourself, your needs, your wants…

And yet your spouse may be there wondering if you even know what’s happening to them, what’s going on at work or at home, or how a recent event has impacted them.

You haven’t taken time to look up recently and in doing so you’ve forgotten that you are in a marriage with another person.

Your community is being impacted.

You have stopped seeing the needs of others are are ONLY focused on YOUR needs.

Marriage was never designed to be a ME focused relationship. It was designed to bring two people together to be better and stronger than they would be on their own.

The only way that you can be better together is if you shift your focus to look up and look at your spouse.

In this week’s show Tony and Alisa talk about why it’s time to turn your eyes skyward and look up to what’s ahead in your marriage.

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