Everyday there are conversations going on about marriage where someone says…


My spouse doesn’t make me happy.

I’m not happy in this marriage.

Why isn’t my happiness important?

The issue many marriages face right now is that of the ME focus. It is common place that there is an expectation that everyone and everything exist for your happiness.

This is especially prevalent in the marriage relationship.

A shift needs to happen in you for your marriage to thrive.

As an individual and part of a marriage you need to learn what brings you happiness and then go create that in your life and your marriage.

It’s is a myth that your spouse was put here on this planet to make you happy?

In this week’s show Tony and Alisa talk about why your spouse isn’t the only place you should look for your happiness as we remove the masks on the happiness myth.


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One thought on “283: THE HAPPINESS MYTH

  1. Another geat podcast. I have been listening for almost a year and I love the podcast. I envy you guys. I wish my spouse would listen too then maybe we can improve our marriage. This morning I was just thinking about being happy with my spouse. I used to expected him to made me happy but I am no longer cause I end up just be disappointed. What is the point staying in a relationship when he isn’t making me happy and I can be happy by myself. Sometime I want to leave but I have five little children. He was my first. It is better be alone than be loneless in a marriage.