There are a lot of distractions in the world… electronics, social media, daily tasks, other people, etc.


Because of these distractions it’s easy to lose sight of the gift that you have right in front of your face.

The gift of your spouse that God has given to you.

You and your spouse spoke a covenant to each other to be together “as long as life shall last.”

And yet time goes by and what you once did you no longer do anymore. Saying words of encouragement and complimenting your spouse is vital for them and for you.

When you use words of encouragement for your spouse…

  1. It boosts their confidence.
  2. It lets them know that they are valued.
  3. It lets them know that your heart and mind are on them, not on other people or other things.

As you speak these words of encouragement you…

  1. Keep you focus on what you already have.
  2. Show that you are their support.
  3. Push away the distractions that are around you.

In this week’s show Tony and Alisa dive deep on ways that you can compliment and use words of encouragement that are easy, effective and powerful. These simple statements will powerfully impact your marriage (and spouse!) for many years to come.

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56 Simple (But Super Effective) Compliments To Encourage Your Spouse

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One thought on “285: WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT

  1. Hi Tony & Alisa,
    I am the pastor’s wife that you mention in this podcast. You will never know how much it encouraged me! I found out about your podcast through a friend & decided to listen, not sure what to expect. As I listened, I got convicted and inspired to better my marriage. My husband and I have been married for 20 years and have 4 children, and I would have said that our sex life was ok. After I listened to your first podcast, I suggested it to my husband. Surprisingly, he agreed. We did 2 2 week sex challenges, with him being gone to speak at a camp in the middle.
    These challenges that we have accomplished have revolutionized our marriage! I asked my husband what he likes about our marriage now. He says that he likes that we don’t fight as much. I like that I feel closer to him emotionally and mentally.
    When we finished the challenge, I began to tell ladies in our church about your podcast & my husband began telling the men! I have had verbal confirmation that there are at least 3 couples in our church that have visited your website, listened to your podcast, and follow you on Facebook. One of those couples being the lady that you read her letter on the air.
    I have always had a passion for marriages, and through your podcasts you are giving me an avenue to encourage and help and strengthen the couples in our church. Thank you both for being so candid and straight forward. Christians need it! I have been re-posting your Instagram posts, and on one of them I said that I knew that some of these posts were shocking to many people, but that if Christians did not take a stand for marriage, an institution that God created, then we were going to keep letting the world control how our children and we view sex. It’s time that Christians take sex back!!
    Lastly, my husband has never been happier with our marriage. The other day he said that he has become addicted to having great sex! What a great addiction to have! I told him not long ago that I never knew what I had been missing these last 19 years of marriage!
    Thank you again for all your hard work and your ministry! You have been such a blessing to my marriage and to our church family!

    Nicole Shah, North Carolina