People are lost. Marriages are lost. Families are lost. We have become a society, that for the most part, doesn’t plan who or what we stand for.


Do you know what your marriage stands for?

Every couple and family has their own unique set of characteristics. Whether it’s something that they have sat down and consciously decided on OR it’s something that they have just “fallen” into.

This is their identity.

Sometimes those things that you are known for, aren’t necessarily positive…

  • that family is always late
  • that family never spends time together
  • that family….

What would happen if you choose to create your identity?

If you choose the positive words to speak over your marriage, over your spouse, over your children?

Words matter.
Values matter.

What you stand for, what you speak to each other, what you value impacts every decision that you make. These are your true values.

It’s not enough to just “have this idea in your head” it has to be something that you participate in together and have a hand in forming.

What values in our marriage is not going to be the same as what will ultimately be your core values. While the values aren’t going to be the same, the fact that we take the time to create this and identify them for our families transforms us, and our communities. It becomes an identity, our foundation.

In this week’s show Tony and Alisa talk about your family legacy and the importance of discovering your true values as a person and as a couple.

EPISODE SPONSOR | Core Values Workshop – September 23rd, 2015

What would it be like to have greater clarity and peace when making the choices that matter with your spouse? Marriage means tackling  “the big things” together, as true teammates. Whether you’re newlyweds, married 5, 10, 30 years or a couple at any stage you will have to navigate big decisions together.

You can connect with your spouse in an incredible  new way. The Core Values Workshop is built around specific, clear, actionable steps that will help you connect with your better half in a judgment-free way.

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