You’re busy. There is a lot going on in your life.

When you’re dating or even newly married it seems like you have the ability to make the time for one another no matter what. You’ll rearrange your schedule. You’ll say no to other people or activities that would take you away from your love.

And then over time… well other things start to fill up that time.

The less time you spend engaged in your relationship the more disconnect there is. No matter if you have been married, 3 months or 30 years you still have to get to know your spouse.

When you stop giving that time to one another, when you stop learning about one another there is a natural drift apart that occurs.

Without some type of  behavior change that gap can get wider and wider. You know when you are co-existing in the same house, but not really growing together.

It’s time to do a time makeover

In looking at your week you will begin to see the time that you do have together, is it really quality time? Or do you just happen to be home at the same time. Are you doing things together? Are you talking? Are you dating? Are you having sex?

In this week’s show Tony and Alisa talk about what you can do together to find those chunks of time in your 168 hours each week so you connect regularly.

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