Surprise. Christmas is coming AGAIN this year, in fact it comes every year.

Can you believe it? —Said with a little sarcasm.

However this is often the sentiment that couples experience when the holidays roll around, every December. Here are a few things that happens during this time of year…

  • lots of activities, parties, concerts, school programs
  • gift exchanges
  • holiday shopping

All of these take time and money.

From new outfits, a gift to share at a work gift exchange or buying presents for the family. Not only do they take time and money they can increase your stress level.

When you get stressed one of the first things to go is your libido.

So how can you bring down your stress level?

Listen in now and set yourself up for success this holiday season.

In this week’s show Tony and Alisa talk about a few ways that you can de-stress the holidays so that you can be present and experience joy this Christmas.

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