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7 Days of Sex Challenge Book Kindle Edition

As C.S. Lewis once said“Sex that is too serious is deprived of the romp and fun that is essential to a healthy enjoyment of sex.”

After reading this book, you’ll be armed with the knowledge on what you need to do to have your own 7 Days of Sex Challenge. Every year our marriages need to be growing and  it is important for you to accomplish something that will set it up for a lot of growth.

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  1. WE’RE THE FIRST!! It is 0915 in France and my 3 boys (includes husband) are still in bed sleeping; however, Ludo and I had a wonderfully romantic and intimate morning (totally spontaneous) BEFORE our boys woke up (of course he went back to sleep)! I just had my first cup of coffee in peace! WHAT A DAY ALREADY! (Qu’est-ce qu’un jour déjà!) Happy Mother’s Day! Happy first day of the 7 Day Challenge! WOOHOO!

    • Thanks you guys for getting this challenge started! Sounds like it was a perfect first day for the both of you. Like Ludo, I’ve been known to fall asleep afterwards too. ; )

  2. Today is day four for us. Day one ( Thursday ) in our 7 day challenge was awesome. I had just returned from a week long trip. So we had lots of fun connecting again. I love it when our physically intimate times are full of laughter and fun. Being apart served to heighten our anticipation of the challenge.
    Today, being Mother’s Day, I have been thoroughly spoiled. My family surprised me with a late outdoor slap-up breakfast, set table and all, in the middle of an autumnal orchard. It’s a perfect South African blue skies day. My romantic husband loves elaborate surprises. I am looking forward to time alone with him later today.

    • What a fantastic Mother’s Day Catherine. Excited that you guys are already on day 4. We would have to agree that the time away or abstaining from sex for a specified period of time does heighten sexual intimacy.

      Love the romance that is happening. Keep it up you are almost there.

  3. 1st day check. I told My dw about this challenge yesterday and since sex has been a touche subject for almost our whole marriage she decided to let me know this morning. I was absolutely sure she would say no to the whole idea.
    I absolutely love My wife!! She said: if you as the head of the family think that we need this, im all for it! Lets do it.
    So we had a wonderful morning where we prayed together and had a beautiful time of sexual intimacy.
    Please pray for us!

    • Pray we will Sami and Rebecka. Take this week to talk about sex openly and honestly. We call this the sex challenge, but as we know in our marriages there is a lot that goes on to even get to great sex.

      Over the years Alisa and I have used these times to dig deeper into what we like, don’t like, and how to best build the romance and passion in our marriage.

      Really excited for you two and what God has in store.

  4. Got to say we were planning on getting this thing started at 12:01am, but after a long day at Legoland we were just to tired to even try. We slept OK through the night and we’re hoping to get in an early morning love making session before the kids woke up. To our surprise the kids didn’t bother us this at all. So when we finally were fully awake around 8:30am we had a wonderful time together.

    Afterwards I came out to the living room and the kids were doing what we asked them, hanging out and letting mom sleep in.

    Not the way we expected the challenge to start for us, but thrilled that it has started out this way.

    Day 1 done!

  5. I wanted to say we kicked it off with a bang, but that didn’t sound appropriate…… Then William and Olivia (I am assuming William) said it first so now I can feel free to say it as well 🙂

  6. Well, this was day two, couldn’t waste the weekend, but we will still go the regular seven day challenge! Started off today with a tickle fight, forgot what that was like, been too many years, lead to a great morning of fun!

  7. Hoping our day1 starts soon. We were asleep at 12:01 and the kids have been up sense we have so maybe tonight.

  8. We were excited to begin this challenge; so much so that after we got home last night (early this morning)we got the party started! Lol. We are looking forward to reconnecting after a few very busy, very stressful weeks. We have not been making each other a priority and this will help us along. 🙂

    • Early morning go getters. Right on! We can relate to being busy and stressful. This week is about putting each other first even in our busy lives and learning how we can make our marriage a priority.

  9. Today has been a super busy day! We ran a 10 Km race this morning to raise money for the United Way. Then we spent lunch with my Mom and family. Now we’re heading to Marta’s parent’s for dinner.
    We have, however, been teasing each other all day and are looking forward to getting home tonight and opening a bottle of wine…

    • Sweet!!! Cyber sex between a married couple can add a new dynamic and it sounds like it has for you two. That is awesome! We commend you two for stepping out and trying something different to start off the challenge.

      • Yes, I (Sharon) think that it has benefited us in at least two ways. 1) I think it’s made me more comfortable with being seductive, and 2) cyber sex makes you appreciate the real thing so much more (even if you’re interrupted by a 4-year-old in the middle of it!)

  10. Talked to hubby last night and he was all for this challenge. Surprise! Woke up early and had a wonderful time before he had to put in some overtime at work. Thanks for the challenge. I was reminded that the wonderful gift of sexual intimancy is the reason I can celebrate Mothers Day. God had a great idea in that one.

    • Very cool you guys made the time even with your husband having to go into work this morning. Scheduling the time for sex is one thing that we believe is necessary or it just doesn’t happen. Kudos again and glad it was a wonderful start to your Mothers Day.


  11. We started our Day One around midnight. We celebrated our 6 month anniversary (we celebrate everything) and we sat around talking until a little after midnight so it worked out. We were having some challenges earlier in the week, right after we decided that we would take the challenge and I wanted to drop out before it started. However, it’s amazing what prayer and a date night can do. This week is going to be a busy one for us but I’m sure my husband will “keep us on track”. Looking forward to day 2.

    • Glad you didn’t push this aside and not start Draper and Kim. The Devil doesn’t want you to be intimate like this. Know that you have us here if you need anything as we have gone through the good and tough times of a challenge.

      Blessings to the both of you.

  12. I posted this earlier but think it went in the wrong area!! We commenced our Challenge with a lovely mothers day shower!! Off an running!! Any rules on more then once a day or should we stick to 1??

    • Thanks for posting here Dale. Easier for us to keep track of what is going on with everyone. Having done this 3 times prior you might want to stick to once a day as it gets tougher come day 5, 6, & 7. But, you make the call and if you can do more than have at it. ; )

      • Thanks for the reply! turned out we were not as up for a 2nd time around as the day went on! 🙂 We have ‘calendared’ it for tonight! cant wait!! 🙂

  13. Day one off to an Awesome start! The hubby and I spent some much needed time together this morning before we started our day. We can’t wait for the next 6 days:)

  14. Wishing we had tried to abstain a few days before. But, with three kids, you can’t let an opportunity pass. And, we did not today either. I hope the energy can stay up for the next six.

    • One thing I have learned over the last couple of years is having an arousal period throughout the day. This could be done through phone conversations, sexting, love notes, etc. Get creative and have fun that’s what this is all about. Glad you got day 1 in.

  15. Happy Mother’s Day to me! I’m so grateful for Watch Instantly on Netflix – baby slept, kids watched a movie and I had an amazing time with Ian. Woo hoo!

  16. After a busy Derby Day yesterday, we enjoyed a little extra sleep before church, enjoyed a fun family dinner, put the baby to bed and enjoyed our us time!!! What a wonderful wrap up to a wonderful weekend!

  17. Today is actually day 2 for us, like many others. It’s been a wonderful Mother’s Day with the family. The kids started getting restless after being at their grandmother’s yesterday, church then home all morning, then other grandmother’s all afternoon so they went to the mall. This afforded hubby and I some much needed peace and quiet which we took full advantage of.

    So blessed to have the marriage I have and am looking forward to this week only making it stronger. Thank you for doing this challenge!

  18. We had great fun experimenting with some new things this afternoon 😉 We are very much looking forward to the challenges and rewards of this 7-day committment! 1 down 6 to go!!!

  19. We had a really busy day with church and Mother’s day. Plus, we were having internet issues all day, which gave us a lot of stress. However, we ended the night with the day one challenge, and ended up laughing through it all and just having fun!

  20. Day 1 is in the books! I was worried it wouldn’t happen because my sweet hubby has been out since before sun up fishing with his dad and brother…..yes it sounds more like a happy FATHERS day but you have to go for opportunity when you get them and he doesn’t get together with his family much. Nothing made for the movies in the bedroom lol but it was nice to reconnect after a long day apart 🙂

  21. Day 1 is completed! Wore the nightie I wore on our first night together as a married couple 11 years ago! Thankful that hubby noticed and remembered. Doesn’t fit like it used to- I am glad that it was too big! 🙂

  22. Day one is in the books! We actually started in the wee hours but I suppose you’re not limited to only once per day, eh? (at least that’s what Travis said) 😉

  23. Lots of ups and downs emotionally and psychologically today. I don’t think the Enemy likes this idea one bit, but Day One is done, and we’re happy to end our day this way.

    • You are absolutely right about the Enemy not being happy about this idea. Many couples will experience challenges this week as they put the emphasis on intimacy in their marriage. Know that you are not alone!

  24. Day 1 of the challenge complete. 😉 I’m
    Thrilled my husband is game per say.
    Looking forward to tomorrow 😉

  25. We are excited to get started, although I feel well, challenged at keeping it up for seven days! (We have a three and four year old!) I am looking forward to it changing our marriage though!

    • Keep focused on the changes to your marriage and you will find the strength and energy to do this. During our first challenge in 2008, the 60 days of sex, our kids were 2 and 5. You can do it!

  26. Yes!! Day one started with a nice back massage from my hubby that led to some other nice things!!

  27. Started by watching our favorite romantic movie (Notting Hill); WOW! We’re pretty excited! LOL! Had to start early yesterday afternoon! 😉 LOL! More to come! This is such a great way to reconnect after life gets in the way! Thanks guys!

  28. Wow!!!! Day one and the week is already off to a great start. It’s Mother’s day and it’s been great celebrating our mother’s and wife for all the great things they do for us and the blessings they provide in our lives. Where would we be without them? Gave her a break in the afternoon to take a nap to rest up for our 30+ minute session, cooked supper and then we put kid to bed. So tonight we were on a “mission” and to finish we had to take the “doggie” for a walk (Get it?); but in the essence of the holiday, let her have her pleasure first. Then the fireworks for both of us. What a great challenge for couple to connect more intimately with each other. In fact, we are going to share in the opportunity to plan the evenings. She has Tues, Thurs, and Saturday and I have Mon., Wed., and Friday. I am encouraging her to post on her days for her view of how things go, but looking forward to an eventful week and a time for my wife and I to connect intimately more each day. Looking forward to tomorrow. 🙂

  29. So. My husband and I have been having a difficult time financially and with notice of him losing his job in the last year. . . we got married 3 1/2 years ago and let’s just say it has not been easy. I have a friend who invited us to do this challenge. . . we could use the encouragement and prayers and we try to keep our marriage strong while Satan tries to destroy it. So. . .

    My husband and I watched the video just now . . . it is 11:30 pm CST and then I read some of the comments. Hmmmm. . . I look away from the computer to my husband on the couch and ask him “would you want to do the challenge?” — and he says, “What is it we have to do???” — I replied in what my husband calls my annoyed voice, “we have sex every day for seven days”. . . my husband looks at me with a paused look and says, “okay.” — so off we went and okay. . . day one down 🙂 It was fun!!

  30. Well day 1 ended up being explosive! We had a little issue with being tired and really wanting to go to sleep but we paused the T.V. And were able to just focus on eachother. We are both looking forward to the next 6 days!

  31. Fantastic!

    It appears that my wife did enjoy the fact I did almost all the house work today.

    Our first day ended with an ejaculation of laughter right at the end for a double e … nah, that joke is old now.

    Even if something unexpected and funny happens involving a nose at the climactic moment, just makes it extra memorable.

    1/7 days complete!

    • Excellent you two. We are so happy to have you guys joining in with us this year. I hadn’t heard that joke so you can DM me the end of it when you have a chance.

      Love you guys.

  32. Day one was great but we are now up with two sick kids. It’s 1:44am and I do not see any sleep in our near future! Satan will do anything to get to us but we are determined by Gods grace to do the challenge and make our marriage even better than it already is!! Thanks for changing peoples marriages!

  33. Day one was fantastic, exciting and romantic! I have always been the aggressor for the most part but on Mother’s Day, Teresa jumped on me! We had been building up to Day 1 and I thought I would explode with anticipation! Knowing that we still desire each other after 30 years means the world to both of us. On my way to work and already thinking about what today has in store for the two of us! I doubt that I can “casually” sit by today! Coming after you, T!

  34. Day one- went well, was a busy day, so it was late at night, but we fit it in. looking forward to day #2

  35. This was day two for us since we started Saturday morning.
    Yesterday, day two, we didn’t start sex until 11:30 pm, but it still counts!

  36. Day one was wonderful. It was so nice to start on Mother’s day as I was relaxed from all my pampering. I love to reconnect with him in such a fun way.

  37. My husband and I are on vacation right now, and I’m doing this challenge as kind of a surprise to him (I’m the one who struggles with it in our marriage). So after a full day out outings yesterday, we got back and were both dead tired. We said our “goodnights” and I was SUPER close to rolling over and pass it up. After thinking about it and shaking myself out of it, I cuddled up next to him and he took it RIGHT from there. I guess he knew what my intentions were! I am so excited to surprise him with 6 more days of it!! I know he is going to be so happy and wonder what got into to me 😉 I will tell him when the challenge is over what really went on, and I think he’ll be super appreciative of my efforts.

  38. Had a wonderful Mother’s Day with 5 of the kids & son-in-law then finished up with a great time of lovemaking. Day 2 will be more challenging. Dh left for a business trip about 6:15 & will get home between 11 & 12 tonight.

  39. Day One: Well, we slipped it in just under the wire…thanks to the two year old who did not want to sleep, our original plans were destroyed. It however was a very nice way to end a perfect Mother’s day.

  40. YAY Day 1 was great. Looks like we may have a teenager camping on the floor (exams looming) which may complicate things tonight

  41. yes the wife and i had a fun time together sunday afternoon and are looking forward to having something today by the time we go to bed…this is my first time and we are from PA

  42. We had such a great day yesterday, we tried to have some intimacy in the morning, but it didn’t work out so well, but we had a really nice family time, went to a concert with friends that was so wonderful and ended with a wonderful intimate connection!

  43. We almost failed this mission before it even started. It was not easy to get it on when my husband had poison ivy on his body and for some reason our youngest Chihuahua pup was having major Mom & Dad withdraws and did nothing but cry the whole time because he wanted to sleep in the bed with us. Telling him to wait 15 minutes translated into, “Wait 15 seconds,” and he would come right back and cry. This was, hands down, one of the most disturbing sexual encounter we have had as a married couple… but WE DID IT!!!

    • I would have to agree that what you two dealt with would be disturbing, but it is awesome that you still didn’t let the situation deter you. It would be easy to give up and move on, instead you stayed focus on each other and made it happen. Hopefully the next 6 are more intimate for both of you.

  44. Day one accomplished!! This is perfect because my husband has been out of town for a few days so we were more than ready to “reconnect” when he got home yesterday. We sent the kids and dogs outside on an adventure (we live on a farm) and snuck in a quickie….sometimes those are more fun because the adrenaline is really running!

  45. We tried to do it while the kids were out playing ball with the dog, but Mom showed up early for Mother’s day visit. So we finished what we started closer to midnight!

  46. Day #1 we did first thing in the morning – a great way to start mother’s day and my husband treated me like a queen all day. I felt very lucky! We are finding a way to make this challenge possible even though we have 3 young kids.

  47. We just now got back to the website. We enjoyed a great start to the Challenge first thing on Mother’s day.

  48. We started yesterday as my husband had been out of town. It was easy to get it started when we had been apart for a few days! This will really be a growing opportunity for me especially and I look forward to seeing how our marriage grows through this!

  49. My husband and I have been together for 20 plus years and I was getting worried he would stray. This test is great for US to try and get the spark back