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Day #2 Prize: Buck Naked Marriage eBook by Dr. Corey Allen with Simple Marriage.

7 Days of Sex Challenge Book Kindle Edition

As C.S. Lewis once said“Sex that is too serious is deprived of the romp and fun that is essential to a healthy enjoyment of sex.”

After reading this book, you’ll be armed with the knowledge on what you need to do to have your own 7 Days of Sex Challenge. Every year our marriages need to be growing and  it is important for you to accomplish something that will set it up for a lot of growth.

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  1. Great advice! We had to schedule today’s rendez-vous to make it work, since George is traveling home to Sharon today and will spend most of the day in transit. We managed to squeeze it in via the internet half an hour before he had to leave for the airport on his end and just after our kids went down for their naps on Sharon’s end. We’re so excited about what this week will hold and how God will bless our marriage as we make time to really connect, every day!

  2. Day three for us!
    We got the kids on the bus and then we had a romping good time with no kids in the house!

    • Shawna – You and Bruce are our Day #2 winners!!! Corey with Simple Marriage will be emailing over his book Buck Naked Marriage. Hope you are enjoying the challenge.

  3. like i said before…what things count for sex in the challenge? does it all have to be intercourse or is it other things? this is my first time and i just called the wife and she said she would give it a try… just wanted to know what all counts for sex….what do all of you others plan on doing and can give some pointers in making it fun…you can email me at jjwitter@verizon.net if you do not want to post it here

    • James – There are no rules here on what is or isn’t sex. We’re not patrolling you. If you and your wife have oral sex and that fullfils the two of you then great. Some might not even go that far because of a long day. It might be foreplay that leads to orgasm on both parties without intercourse. You two determine what is and isn’t. The big thing is that you are engaging yourselves each day and making all forms of intimacy, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, etc part of your daily lives.

      Glad to have you joining us and if you have any other questions just hit me up at info(at)oneextraordinarymarriage.com.


      • thanks tony, glad to be able to join you….i am sorry if the other posts that i posted is to graphic but i had to get it off my chest and also i thought you said we could give details if we liked to.. i do not want to thrown off this site. just let me know and i will not post anything inappropiate….i really like what you are doing…i think more needs to be done to make the marriages strong.

        • Glad to have you here James. Seems this might be a perfect time for you and your wife to connect and work on all forms of intimacy. When I say details, there is a certain point where it is much. Not opposed to scenes or where you are making love, but when it gets into specific details we have to be considerate of our community.

          Thanks for the voice mail today too. Hope to get it up on next weeks podcast as we recorded this weeks last night.

          We are here and if you need anything please don’t hesitate to email me or call.

          Blessings and have a fantastic week.

    • Like that the two of you are switching days for each of you to Take the Lead. That is a big thing for us as it allows for each partner to be pursued and pursue. Have a great evening.

  4. We stayed up late waiting until midnight so that we could be sure to get in our day 2 since Mondays are our busiest days.

    • Smart! That’s what today’s video is all about. Knowing when making love works for both partners. Helps ease the tension and allows for you to be on the same page.

  5. Day 2 “assignment” done! For some reason I just could not go to sleep last night. My brain would not shut down. I was still awake at 4:30 this morning. Hubby woke up early because he crashed out early last night, so we kinda “met in the middle.” =D It was an unexpected moment but very relaxing for me and a great start to the day for him! LOL

  6. It is nice to think throughout the day that “hey, I get to make love with my wife tonight!” and not be thinking will we?????????

    • Amen to that!!! For us guys this is huge. It’s like a weight has been lifted and we can just go about our day. That is the way I, Tony, feel anyway. Hope you enjoy this evening.

  7. Day two for us was last Friday – a quick rendezvous while our kids were out visiting next door.

    Today is our day five… candles set the mood beautifully.

  8. Mission complete for Day 2 – nice lunch break from work! (didn’t get to comment yesterday, but mission completed for Day 1 as well, even with 7 hours of travelling!)

  9. Day 2 is planned….right after DWTS. Hahaha….I have to admit I usually dread the usual bedtime routine with putting my kids down and being so tired from a long day at work and then he starts needing my time too…..but today is different. We’ve been flirting with each other via text and phone all day, knowing what’s to come. It’s funny because I thought that maybe this would put too much pressure on our already “pressured” marriage but it is just the opposite. He knows when I commit to a “challenge” I mean business…so he doesn’t feel the need to “talk me into it” and therefore, I don’t feel so pressured!! This is AWESOME. Yep, I’m rambling. Bye for now!!

    • Wow this is amazing you two. I sense a new beginning on how you will approach you love making for years to come. The reason I say this is because Alisa and I were like you two 4 years ago.

      Now after doing 3 challenges and living the Intimacy Lifestyle for close to 2 years we don’t feel pressure. If anything we feel a connection to each other that allows us to experience the most amazing love making sessions we have ever had.

      Excited to hear how the rest of the week goes.

  10. Day 2 has been a busy one for us..not so busy though that we won’t be making time for one another within the next few hours 🙂

  11. Day 2 complete. It was a bit easier tonight. I (Tony) did not feel as pressured to get it done.

    • That’s great to hear Tony. Enjoy each moment with your wife. This is what the week is about as you learn more about each others likes in the bedroom. Keep it going you two!

  12. Success in day 2! There is something ‘sneaky’ about having to be quiet with 1 kid sleeping and the other still up! Kinda like when you were back in highschool and didnt want to get caught! 🙂

  13. success for day 2. Wife was really tired but we did it anyway. not sue she is really into it like i am…i think the devil is going to fight this to the end..not sure how the rest of the week will go.

    • I know for Alisa and I during our first challenge, The 60 Days of Sex Challenge, we worked on our emotional and intellectual intimacy many of the nights. Make sure to sit and talk to each other as this might break down some walls between the two of you.

      And yes, I do believe that the devil does not want us doing this. Every time we have done a challenge something comes up that tries to derail us. Communication is key.

      Great to have you two on board with us James.

  14. We were able to do our day#2 in the middle of the afternoon today, since we knew that later this evening schedules were going to be too easy to fit it in. I really like the idea of putting intimacy on the calendar. I guess for so long it has been one of those things where if it happens it happens if it doesn’t no big deal. Well, because of the journey my husband and I have been on we have learned that it needs to be a priority. Thank you for the accountability this week – my husband and I are having a blast.

    Jeff & Sara Anderson

  15. Great lesson sometimes we give way more of ourselves time wise to others, when we should be making our marriages priority number one. Day 2 check.

    • Glad you two enjoyed todays lesson. You hit the nail on the head with your comment and it is something we did and still do at times in our marriage. When we do we refocus and get our intimacy on our calendars because it’s vital.

      Great job getting Day #2 done.

  16. We really enjoyed Day 1, took your advice and “started off with a bang!” The kids are down for the night so hoping Day 2 will turn out just as nice! 🙂

  17. Day 2 is done. I think your ideas about scheduling are great. I (wife) would prefer scheduling and the husband goes more for spontaneous, so I am liking this week knowing what to expect since many nights we have a vague wondering if it is going to happen or not! God bless you guys!

  18. Kept at it for day 2 even though I didn’t feel very well, and actually felt better afterwards!

  19. Excited for Day 2! I did have to remind my husband that just because he knows he is getting it, doesn’t mean he can’t forget about the little nice things through out the day to “warm” me up for later! Thanks guys!! Even after almost 20 yrs, we still need reminders to focus on our intimate time.

    • Yep the “warm up” is still necessary. I, Tony, have been doing that myself since getting home this afternoon. Arousal (most of the day) + Foreplay (before to heighten sex) = Mind blowing SEX!

      Thanks for the reminder.

  20. Day 2 in the books! We’re pulling some late nights so far, but hubby’s in the middle of grad school finals week, so I’m grateful he was willing (like I had to twist his arm!) to commit to this. It’s a great way to make sure we have some time together after he spends all day (and part of the night) with the computer writing papers.

  21. We may have been at this for over 40 years, but we still started early – Saturdays are always great for us – which made Day 2 = Day 3 – but we’re not ending early! Each day something unique has happened – unexpected unique – makes us look forward to what God has in store for His next new day! Especially loved the long conversation that our Sunday led to. Learning to talk about our sex life opened a lot of other communication and intimacy doors for us over the years. And, yes, we loved “Stripped Down”. Janet bought it several months ago, and we’re reading it to each other again as we go.

  22. Day 2 late night rendezvous 😉 I had to work till 10 & didn’t get home till 11, hubby was game

  23. Well, our day three is here (day two of the challenge) will be running a little late tonight so thought I would post now. Looking forward to tonight though. Not sure yet how we’ll do something different (that is my goal) but know that our time together will be special whatever happens.

    • We’re right there with you Michelle. We are finishing up some loose ends from today and then it’s us time. Get that homework done so you can have some fun!

  24. Day two, check! Looking forward to tomorrow!! Kids are all well so hopefully we won’t be as exhausted tomorrow!!

  25. Day 2 and still on track. It was my night and we are kind of making each night like a mini date night. Tonight was might to plan the evening. So I fixed dinner (strawberry enfused chicken fried steak, corn, baked potatoe) and we’ll be the desert. Set the mood to a little lite music with candle light. Gave her a relaxing message to releive her of her stress of the hectic day. Then we got down to business.

    So we got the you suggested for devotional and we are incorporating several ideas from your podcasts and your book. We are striving and trying to connect on all levels. So we are having devotional as a couple twice a week – Sunday night and Wednesday night. Tuesday night we have our discussion time, kind of like your podcast, where we review the week and talk about the 13 steps to intimacy to evaluate how we are doing on each one and where we need to make changes. The only area she still has an issue with is planning sex. So maybe on one of your next podcasts, you can go back over that. I know you have covered it before, but I don’t think she is up to that one yet. So hopefully the way we have broken up the week, as far who is initiating each night during this challenge, will rollover to the similar plan that you guys have. We love you guys and looking forward to day 3.

    • Love the romance you two are having here.

      Great to hear you got the devotional Bible and are going through it. The readings and questions are great and spark great conversation for Alisa and I. You two are hitting it at all levels and it is awesome to hear. The plan you have laid out is very similar to what Alisa and I do and by sticking to it you will see and experience change in your marriage.

      You’ve listened to the podcast enough to know that you’ll still go through tough spots, but they are easier to get through when both of you are engaged in all areas of intimacy.

      When you mention “planning sex”, are we talking about the Intimacy Lifestyle or putting it on the calendar like we’ve asked you to do this week?

      Blessings to you both as you continue your journey to an extraordinary marriage.

  26. Day two was interrupted by the baby but was accomplished nonetheless. Tomorrow is a new day and new opportunity.

  27. Day two complete — we honestly haven’t done this two days in a row in a very very long time. . . can say that it is fun to look forward to intimacy again!!

  28. With such a busy schedule these days we are always finding that late at night after the l
    Kids go to bed works best. Hubby is already asleep and I am relaxing and still enjoying the romantic music as I write. I agree with others that scheduling the time takes the pressure off. Goodnight.

  29. We almost gave up on today when AD was gluten-exposed at dinner (she has celiac disease.). She showered and went to bed early while I finished up some work.

    AD fell asleep before I came into the bedroom, but I was determined to persevere! Knowing that a gluten episode causes her pain & weakness throughout her body, I initiated intimacy via a slow, sensual massage that eventually morphed into more as her arousal overcame her discomfort.

    AD is now sleeping peacefully beside me as I soak in YHWH’s goodness.

    Thanks for issuing the challenge, Tony & Alisa!
    — Aaron

  30. We started the day with a dispute. However, the challenge made us talk it out! Then we were interrupted by kids and the challenge made us recreate the mood! It was GREAT!

  31. Wow, that was good! Hubby had a late night at work, but we were able to squeeze it in before midnight.

    We hit a wall this morning and were not into “IT” We were very frustrated and felt like we had to do It, “performing” for us does not work we have learned over the years(with trying to get prego) there was no joy or fun in this. Not sure we would continue with the challenge as we want to enjoy each other and making love, but this was not the way for us. We prayed and took the day to ask God to work in our hearts and know he designed this amazing act of love and he has helped us to enjoy this so much before.
    Hubby had to work very late, but we worked at it and were able to continue with the challenge. We aren’t putting pressure on ourselves to perform or get it done. We know this amazing gift is from God for a husband and wife to share together. WE are sticking with that and gong to enjoy each other and be crazy not only for the rest of this challenge but the rest of our lives!
    Looking forward to what today will hold and connecting with my husband in a very intimate way!

  32. I don’t know if I’m using the same email address every time I comment, but hopefully, you can tell it is us.

    I love this challenge! Mainly because I’m a scheduler, however, for me, scheduling the time means that if I miss it, I miss it altogether, so I’m going to tweak the challenge to not only schedule time, but be flexible with it if it doesn’t work out how we planned it.

    Also, today’s fun was not so much because I get these awesome debilitating headaches when storm systems come through. There’s always tomorrow though!

  33. Day 2 was difficult to get in. After a long day at work, and a trip to a funeral home for some friends who lost a parent we didn’t get home till late. Add to that the fact that I had not yet got a run in so I went for a run getting home after 10 pm.

    By the time all worked out it was 11:30 and it was more of a chore. I am tired this morning since my normal bed time is 10pm so I can get up when I do.


  34. Late on getting Day 2 in but it was fantastic. Just knowing that Teresa is thinking about sex during the day is fantastic. She even wore black bra and panties and showed them to me at work. That’s all it took for me! First two days have been great, conversations about sex have been much easier. I love it when I see the “look” in her beautiful eyes.

  35. day 2 was a success! Hubby might be getting sick though he had a fever last night, and isn’t feeling well today. This might make the challenge even more challenging…

  36. The anticipation and build up during day two while at work was so fun! Definitely something to look forward to! We are excited for a very busy activity filled rest of the week and knowing that we have to make time for each other!

  37. We can check off day #2. It was a late night as it was a very busy Monday. It was also a funny moment in our bedroom too. I, Tony, wanted to perform oral sex, but Alisa hadn’t taken a shower during the day. She didn’t want any of that. I made some joke or something that lead to a laughing fit and after that she jumped into the shower. She came out to a candles that gave our bedroom a warm glow.

    We enjoyed each other and finally got to bed at 11:30pm. Making sure to change it up today and getting it in earlier so we can get a bit more sleep tonight.

  38. Well something unexpected came up, so because of timing we talked it over last night and we’re going to take a short leave of absence. Lord willing, we’ll be starting again next week. You guys enjoy!

  39. We scheduled each day last Saturday. But, we expected to have to adapt our schedule and naturally that is happening. Second day — sore muscles from the work day — relaxed on the massage table with Ouida giving a great massage with some exciting touches.

  40. Day two was fabulous! We were both actually tired but surprisingly my husband is the one who initiated it! We had a great time roll playing and enjoying each other! We have the best sex!! I hope that we can keep this up! I am looking forward to tonight! Today is actually day 3 but I am reporting day 2. Night time is our thing and so I have to wait until next day to post!

  41. Yesterday’s post was timely in that our clendar was full of appointments and meetings.Yet one thing said stuck in my mind,we shouldn’t cancel on our spouses. I quickly thought of how many,”Later Honey”, were never fulfilled.We are taking your advice and putting US on the calendar and making each other a priority. Day two was checked off by the way. Thanks for the nudge in the right direction.

  42. Day 2 done! I (Karla) was so tired I couldn’t see straight but was thankful we persevered, would have hated to miss out on that!!! We are going to start each week by looking at the calendar now and putting some time on there just for us! Thanks!