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Day #3 Prize: 15 Minute Marriage Makeover eBook by Dustin Riechmann with Engaged Marriage.

7 Days of Sex Challenge Book Kindle Edition

As C.S. Lewis once said“Sex that is too serious is deprived of the romp and fun that is essential to a healthy enjoyment of sex.”

After reading this book, you’ll be armed with the knowledge on what you need to do to have your own 7 Days of Sex Challenge. Every year our marriages need to be growing and  it is important for you to accomplish something that will set it up for a lot of growth.

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  1. We will have to think about this one. It’s hard to do it other places in the house with 4 kids still at home, but we may have to get creative. We had a little fun in the shower this morning with plans for doing more tonight.

    • Excellent! I can say that we don’t always get the opportunity to go different places with 2 kids, but when we do it is a blast. The excitement of being somewhere different I think heightens the sexual pleasure. Glad to hear you two are still going strong.

  2. We were a day late getting started because of travel so we had to double up yesterday. It actually turned out better than we expected when our middle daughter took the youngest out of the house. The oldest was a work and our son is out of town. Having fun with a house full of young adults and a six year old can be a challenge! We took advantage of the time alone…jazz…candles…in the living room. It was great. Good start to a good week. Maybe we will go for a drive later. 🙂

    • Awesome! Way to take advantage while the kids were away. I will have to say the back of the car is one of those situations that gets the heart beating before you even start.

      • yes it does. we have done it in our van that has privacy glass in.. it was parked outside and right by our house..i loved it but the wife was not to crazy about it…i think she might do it again just for me. i have already given her a hand job to climax when we are driving down the road by ourselves…that is so fun..i like to please her with them

  3. For day 2 we tried prolong foreplay, hubby asked how come we had not done that before. outside will be hard for us since we have two kids under 2. Can’t go anywhere without them after getting off work.

    • When ours were younger we took advantage of nap times. Also, a place that we use regularly is our bathroom. Still inside, but a change from on the bed. Hope day 3 was a success.

  4. Unfortunately, my husband and I missed out today do to his busy schedule, though he made it up to me in a unique way… at midnight, he asked me if I’d join him in our 2 year old sons play tent. There, we sat cuddling, talking and giggling. Surprisingly, I found that to be very romantic and a wonderful way to bond! Gosh, I love my husband! 🙂

  5. This will be a challenge for us today as we have little kids. I have a few ideas however and hope it works out for us! We will do our best to get out of the bedroom!

  6. Okay, I didn’t know this was going to be the challenge for today, but we started a day early, and without knowing we did this yesterday!

    We took advantage of the Hot Tub to get things started last night, that is definitely outside the bedroom. I guess we’ll have to think of something else for tonight, outside the bedroom of course!

  7. Day four for us (we started early). I took the wife out for lunch, but before we made to the restaurant I took her for a 30 min drive, where she enjoyed herself with the vibrator I had brought along. 😉

    When she gets home from work it will be my turn. 😉

  8. Steve has made comments for us the past two days……my turn today. Black skirt, no undies, lunch at home……..sex started in the kitchen and finished in the bedroom. Day 3 check!! Can’t wait for day 4. Maybe sex at work? (remember we work together)

    • We have sex at work too. Like you we are self-employed and work together. It does add a nice change up to the day. Love how you took the lead Teresa. Two thumbs up to you.

  9. Day 3 for us has been and gone – an early morning snuggle on Saturday. Tonight, day 6 for us, it’s pouring with rain. There’s a lovely fire going in the lounge… but 3 dogs and 2 cats have hogged that space, and our children are older and likely to walk in on us. So right now our bed seems the most inviting place to be. I’m leaving for another trip really early tomorrow morning, so I am not sure how we will manage day 7.

  10. We are unfortunantly out after only a few days… I knew it was going to be a difficult week but it turned out to be even more difficult than I had anticipated.

    • We’ll miss having you two for the rest of the week, but totally understand. We give you kudos for at least attempting and giving it your all. Don’t forget that all the other intimacies mean just as much to our marriages. Spend time in the others this week and connect there.

      Love you guys.

      • I won’t go into the reasons, but unfortunately this went the way it did because of lack of the other intimacies I am afraid. Outside circumstances put us at odds with each other that ended up causing the physical intimacies to be nearly impossible. It would have been a forced interaction which probably would have hurt more than it helped.

        I am in a tough place right now and I am sure it is about 99% my fault with ALL the rest being ALL her fault 🙂

        We will get past this as we have before, I am not sure why it had to come up now other than the fact that it has been an issue that we have had for 21 years that has never been fully dealt with. I wish we had a church that we could actually go to for counseling for this specific issue because I know it would help, but alas we have a church we cannot trust as far as counseling goes. 🙁

        • Further, she did still offer to keep it going, and I could have taken her up on it, so I need to take the blame. I was not in the right frame of mind and was just angry – which I still am for the most part. Please pray for us, but most importantly me and my attitude.

          • Praying for you two as you work through this. FB message me so we can find someone that the two of you can talk to. Having heard from many couples over the past year and a half going to their church is hard. Let’s find another church that has a counselor that can help. We are more the willing to call our marriage pastors if you’d like.

            Let’s take it over to FB or talk.

            Love you guys.

  11. Day one down. We started on Monday. Today is my turn to take the lead so I think I am going to get some help from Kama Sutra. Hope it works!

    • Angela, you and your husband are our Day #3 WINNERS!!! Congratulations and you’ll be getting the 15 Minute Marriage Makeover in your inbox soon.

      Glad you are having an excellent time this week.

  12. Kept it in the bedroom tonight. But, we are planning on setting up the tent in the backyard for the weekend. We like the idea of the emergency kit 🙂

  13. It’s amazing that once you commit to the challenge it seems everything in the world comes up to try and interfer, but so far we’re going strong. I’m enjoying the need to be purposeful throughout the day to ensure we find our way to the bedroom before midnight. It really encourages me to think about my husband and sex during the day rather than waiting until nightfal

    • Amen to that! Yes, it seems that everything that could go wrong does. This is what our marriages are at times though. These distractions can and do disuade us from what is important. What I like about this week is that we can work through those issues and still find time for us.

      Glad to hear that sex is becoming more of an all day thought instead of at the end of the day.

      Keep it up you are doing great!

  14. We are childless and regularly venture outside the bedroom. Tonight we revisited our family room–day 3 complete!

  15. We kept it traditional in the bedroom tonight. Though we may need to try another location tomorrow night. We are really enjoying this 7 day challenge. We really look forward to bed time for different reasons now!

    • Glad to hear that you two are having such a great time with the challenge. Think of something different before the challenge is over for sure. It’s worth it.

  16. Looking forward to this challenge. We will have to be creative to come up with some place other than the bedroom since the kids are at home.

  17. Day 3- complete! Sticking with the bedroom for tonight. I wish it was nice outside because we have good land for a romp in the grass! But it is MUCH too cold right now!

    • When it’s cold that doesn’t work for us either. Alisa would have a couple of layers on and wouldn’t be up for any kind of sexual pleasure. Glad you completed day 3.

  18.  Day 3 and it’s my night to initiate. As my husband would tell you, I’m not a planner and to sit down and think about planning 3dys of the 7dy challenge was truly a challenge for me. Tonight was difficult because of our busy schedule today. I just thought of the one thing my husband always wants me to do and went with that. Day’s 5 and 7 are already planned, and I plan on going out with a bang! Terry was very impressed with my planning, and with him expressing that to me it lifts my spirits up and makes me that much more into it. I broke out the lingerie and basically had to clean the cob webs off of them. Just kidding about the webs, but this is usually a treat for him only once a year so he never forgets our anniversary. He was in the bedroom watching TV and I open the bathroom door and his eye’s got so big and I’ve never seen him turn the TV off so fast. Tonight was surprisingly incredible with a little peep show, foot message, and some body grinding to get the party started, and all I did was focused on putting my spouse first in making sure he was fully satisfied. Y’all keep it interesting, Stormie

    • WOW, what a beautiful gift you gave your husband. This is what it is all about and boy does it make love making and our marriages so much more exciting. We are just so stocked for you two as you are getting this. Taking the Lead, Changing IT Up, & A Little Romance.

      So, so excited for both of you. Looking forward to hearing how the rest of the weeks goes.

  19. We actually decided to go to the bedroom. We usually never make love in the bedroom. Usually it’s everywhere else in the house. So we decided to switch it up and go to the bedroom.

  20. Day three is over. We ventured out of the bedroom last night without knowing about today’s challenge. Tonight was all about me (Shana) since last night was cut short by the baby. Some exclusive attention and a massage was a wonderful treat! I have to say, after the LONG day I had I kinda just wanted to roll over and go to sleep but I’m glad I stayed awake. Now, after a near electrical fire from our coffee maker and thanks to some orgasm induced insomnia, I’m wide awake!

    • What caught my attention Shana was “I kinda just wanted to roll over and go to sleep”, but then you say I’m glad I didn’t. This is so key because many times this isn’t what we do. We roll over and go to sleep. When we do we miss an opportunity to connect with our spouse.

      Two thumbs up to both of you. We’re so blessed to have you guys on board. Hope everything is good at home and you are ready for today.

  21. We used to venture out of the bedroom more than we do now. Since our eldest child (age 4) became able to open his bedroom door by himself, it makes me (Sharon) a bit nervous, especially since the floorplan of our apartment gives us very little warning! But we did it in the living room by candlelight anyway. It was fun–but wouldn’t you know it–our 4-year-old, who had been asleep for hours, DID come out of his room right in the middle of things! I hid on the couch while George attended to him. It gave us something to laugh about later, and thankfully, our 2-year-old and the baby stayed asleep the whole time.

  22. I swear our two year old is against us…nothing like the little one walking in on you. However, we over came the child that just want go to bed. (please note, that all three go to bed normally great, however, the two year old has not gone to bed well all week.) Friendly reminder, they put locks on doors for a reason, (and yes, we were the ones who forgot to lock the door)

  23. Day 3’s challenge was successful with the added bonus of a massage in front of the fireplace for my wife.

  24. Ended up snuggled in and talking. Spent time having a conversation about the day and about some of the fun places we’ve made love! Emotional intimacy for us tonight – all good! 🙂

  25. Didn’t see the ‘outside the bedroom’ part until after sex and AD is now asleep so no chance to venture elsewhere for dessert tonight. We usually stick to the bedroom since we have 6 kids from 12 to 3. We do occasionally venture into the bathroom or AD’s office. Maybe tomorrow!

  26. Day 3 a success! We werent able to go outside as we wanted as it was 46 here in Rochester!! But still had fun just the same! 🙂

  27. It will take some planning for this one. With two teenagers and two young adults coming in going we will have to be creative.Wish they hadn’t outgrown their trampolene.I remember a few good times on it.Day three was great took the commitment we made to make us do it but it was great.

  28. I have to say, when I told my husband about finding a place outside the bedroom, his first response was…”the guest bedroom?” Haha!

    We had a lot of fun, and we have done this particular challenge before (living room in front of a roaring fireplace, absolutely perfect). Being in a new environment definitely spices things up!

  29. we started out with sitting and listening to your videos and then went and took a shower and ended up in bed. i was able to come but she said that was good enough she did not want to climax. i know that the woman does not need to come all the time. she was really tired but i think she i commited to doing this with me. sorry we did not get outside the bedroom. she says that it is to uncomfortable elsewhere…any suggestions for having it somewhere else and still have comfort for her.. she has problems with her neck and also her knees and legs.they get to hurting her if we are not in a comfortable place…i know we are in a rut because it is always in bed and me on top of her to climax.i guess it is better than no sex at all but i woud like to try different positions.

  30. I am so amazed at how this challenge is affecting different parts of our relationship, and all in a good way! Three for three bring on day four.

  31. Hubby and I enjoyed some intimate time together last night, it was in the bedroom as we’re both exhausted and he’s not feeling well at all. doing it else where is not something we do hardly ever, we should def try it! maybe tonight.

  32. Didn’t make it out of the bedroom, but enjoyed each other still the same.
    It was again a late night and we barely made it in before midnight.
    Did not know our week would be so crazy and busy when we accepted challenge. But we are continuing on. and Enjoying it.

  33. Day 3 was our day 4. Fulfilled a longtime fantasy of his….at the office on the desk….thanks for the encouragement! The timing was perfect! I’m sure he has a new smile on his face today as he’s working at his desk!

  34. Day 3 was tough but we did it…too bad I didn’t get to see the venture out of the bedroom but we will work that in another day maybe even for day 4. Olivia has been a trooper since a certain visitor decided to visit this week.

  35. Hahaha all I can say is I’m sending the link of this post to my Sailor – in the Gulf. To all you military spouses of deployed heroes (who have roommates, dang it), Here’s to you and to an imminent return to GOOD TIMES!
    (And to those who find emotions of frustration brought up through this challenge, you are loved and supported here. Keep the switch of faith turned on.)

  36. I was married we venture out of are bedroom and had sex in the car and under the stars it is .great not to see the same place when having sex and we did it in other places to

  37. Day 3 We were beat and it was last. Not a good combination.Tried but when I shot I don’t work well. Hopefully tonight will be earlier.

  38. Alisa and I want to thank all of you for your wonderful comments. It is awesome to hear about how your week is going, but even more so it is impacting those that are doing the challenge. When we as a community can be open and share our experiences when it comes to sex others can learn and grow in their marriages.

    Keep it up and keep sharing your daily stories.


  39. We are still here. Had a good night on day 4 Just think ,here is Australia we are half a night ahead 🙂

  40. Day 3 done! Having 2 kids in the house it’s hard for me (Karla) to think outside the bedroom, which has a lock! Glad we did though!

    • We totally understand Karla. Last night right in the middle of our love making session, we were in our bedroom, our oldest gets up to go the bathroom. Luckily for us he just went there and back to his bedroom.

      Glad to hear you two got out of the bedroom and were able to enjoy each other.