Amphibian. The word brings to mind the slimy, crawly group of critters that live both in water and on land (and can almost without fail, lick their own eyeballs.)

No matter how gross, cute, or entertaining you might find these little guys, their name can be very telling.

It stems from two words in Greek.

Amphi, meaning “both” and Bios, meaning “life”.

Frogs are all about that “both life.”

If you want your marriage to flourish, you should be too.

We’re not saying you have to grow gills, webbed feet and start adding some water features in the house and backyard.

You are designed to live life in two different realms.

Physical AND Spiritual.

No matter how literal or metaphorical you would like to be about, you’ll just find it’s true.

You may walk on the earth, but you swim in the clouds.

Marriage is one of the purist representations of this principle.

Think about it like this. When you got married (or for our engaged couples, when you WILL get married) nothing really changes physically.

You don’t sprout wings, you don’t magically share a common appendage, your skin doesn’t graft together with your spouse.

And yet, the change is profound. You have thoughts like, “Holy cow, I’m married!”

You start to think like each other, react like each other, and hopefully sleep at the same temperature as each other. 🙂

Even though you connect physically in a beautiful and literally life giving way during sex, the combined effect of your spiritual union is even deeper still.

You have another layer to your amphibious existence.

A spouse has now joined together with you. All that they are with all that you are, until death do you part.

This is why prayer is as crucial to your marriage as a damp skin is to a salamander.

Without it, the very covering that should keep your marriage whole and healthy, begins to shrivel up and dry out.

If your spiritual life as a couple is left unmoisturized, you are left open to all types of maladies.

We always want you as a couple to be in good health and prosper, even as your soul prospers.

So here are 3 great reasons to pray with you spouse.

It’s the Most Intimate Way to Connect

Let us tell you something about us…

We are into sex!

We believe fully that your sex life is both the best barometer, compass and treatment plan for your married life.

So that being said, think of how big a claim we are making.

When you pray together it takes you into an even MORE intimate place then making love.

This is huge!

Think about it like this, as you grow old together, the physical aspect of your relationship will dwindle.

We want it to stay as healthy for you as long as it can, but even still, little blue pills can only do so much.

Folded hands take over when libidos fade. So build that strength into your relationship.

You Gain a Bigger Perspective on Life

“Man wrapped up in self make very small package.” —Chinese proverb

Sometimes, it’s simply overwhelming to be honest about all that you have going on in your marriage.

You may be disgruntled, disconnected and ready to engage in some other dreaded “D” word.

When you pray together it can bring you back from the brink.

Sometimes simply because you begin to see things from a higher point of view.

Pausing together can and will cause you to see your life, and your marriage from a much larger vantage point.

  • How is the world a better place because of your union?
  • Who has been affected by how you have come together?
  • What responsibility do you carry together that no one else on earth could?
  • What are you meant to do in this life together that is particular to you both?
  • How far have you come and how far do you potentially still have to go?
  • Who is meant to benefit from your future together?
  • Who will be hurt by your future apart?

Getting in touch with these “deeper” questions can make some of the more shallow issues lose their sting.

No matter if you want the seat up or down, prayer will help you forgive the offending party.

When You Pray, Coincidences Happen

Everybody could use a few more positive “coincidences” in their life and especially in their marriage.

Answered prayers serve as anchored memories for you both. They help you to feel protected, noticed and worthwhile.

You could make the argument that the things that happen to you could have happen whether you prayed or not.


But how much more powerful is it for you both when you truly believe you’ve partnered with them happening.

It’s evidence for the tough times. Your relationship produces miracles. Even if it’s not producing them right now.

These 3 reasons alone are worth it as prayer is a terrific discipline to add to your marriage daily.  

It helps us to keep our “amphibian” nature as physical and spiritual beings healthy and active.

It makes some rougher patches smooth, and it gets us to think bigger even about the smallest things.

There are so many ways to go about it, but get into the one that works for you today.

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