Have things become a bit boring in the bedroom? When it comes to sexual intimacy, knowing what works well is a success. But eventually, it can limit the connection you experience as a couple. That’s why we’re sharing these new sex positions for married couples!


Trying new sex positions isn’t just for young couples or newlyweds. 

As you grow together, preferences change. And unless you try new things, you might not realize that new positions enhance your sexual intimacy

Dive into these three new sex positions for married couples to strengthen your closeness and connection. 

A Quick Note About Sexual Intimacy

As you explore the list below, keep in mind that every couple is different. Discover what works for the two of you! 

If your spouse is hesitant to try one of these positions straight out the gate, consider enhancing your sexual intimacy with: 

Only go as far as the most conservative spouse is comfortable. 

However, if you are the spouse who is unsure about trying something new in the bedroom, remember that it takes time (and plenty of practice!) to become comfortable with unfamiliar things. 

Don’t let this hold you back from deeper sexual intimacy!  

3 Exciting Sex Positions for Married Couples

Culmination Corner New Sex Positions for Married Couples

1. Culmination Corner

When in the Culmination Corner position, the two of you have a lot of options and variations you can choose from. One option is for the wife to stay in position with her hands and elbows on the bed or table and gently push back into her husband. 

Alternatively, the wife can lower her body by bending her knees to rest on her stomach instead of supporting herself with her hands/elbows. Because she is on the corner of the bed or table, she can easily spread her legs wide without becoming too uncomfortable. 

Jugghead New Sex Position for Married couple

2. The Jugghead Position

Setting yourselves up in The Jugghead Position will have you on the floor, so you may want to grab a blanket. You also need a couch or a bed to perform this position. 

The husband sets himself up first. He lies down perpendicular to the bed or couch with his back on the floor. He will put his legs up on the bed or couch.

The wife positions herself above her husband on all fours, with one arm and one leg on either side of him. The husband then lifts his crotch and lower back off the floor and starts penetrating his wife while she thrusts back onto him.

What a View new sex positions for couples

3. What a View

This position may look a little exotic, but it’s easy to perform.

The husband will need to lie flat on the bed with his legs just a little bit apart. The wife will then straddle her husband, but instead of facing him, she will turn around so he sees his wife’s back. While the wife is upright, one spouse will insert the husband’s penis inside the wife.

Once there is penetration, the wife will lean forward slowly and rest part of her weight on her husband’s legs or her arms.

Tip: If the husband’s penis is not that flexible, the wife will need to remain more upright (possibly with her hands on her thighs). Laying flat may be uncomfortable for some. Consider a Liberator wedge or pillow to prop up the husband’s back.

Discover Even More Sex Positions for Married Couples

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