Have some fun when you’re away from home.

vacation sex

Whether you’re planning a getaway to a tropical island, the mountains, the lake, or enjoying a weekend romantic getaway, you’re probably expecting some “fun” between the two of you. Most folks go on vacation with some expectation about the sexual intimacy that’s going to take place.

To set yourselves up for success, you need to be on the same team with your spouse before you leave. The key to the most memorable fun possible is communication, communication, communication.

Set Sexpectations Before You Leave

You’re excited about the trip ahead. You’re likely thinking of exploring fresh places, sitting by the pool, hiking to a spectacular waterfall, or cruising the lake on a boat. On top of all the fun things you are thinking about doing on vacation, chances are good that at least one of you is thinking, “When (and where) are we going to have vacation sex?”

Before you leave on your trip, have a heart-to-heart conversation about what sex is going to look like while you’re away.

It’s so important to establish your sexpectations before traveling. How often do you want to have sex? Where do you want to have sex? How will each of you initiate?

For example, will it be two times while you’re away? Once a day in a new spot? At night? A whole day dedicated to the bedroom? It’s your vacation and the two of you get to decide.

Whatever you choose together, make sure you both follow through with your plan during your time away.

Use Every Inch of Space

While away, you may have many opportunities to explore where you can enjoy vacation sex. From your hotel room to sleeping in a small condo, or spreading out in your home-away-from-home, explore all the alternative places.

It’s also important to address the question of what to do if there are others sharing your space. With kids, parents, and/or friends around, you’ll need to get creative and make your alone-time a priority away from everyone else.

Having sex in a new location may feel as if you are stepping out of your comfort zone. That’s OK! When you do, you bring anticipation and excitement into your sexual intimacy. From jumping in the shower to an evening under the stars, pick at least one new spot where you can have vacation sex.

It’s amazing how much different it can be when you change the scenery and your normal sex locations.

Remember, this is the time to give yourself permission to feel free and unencumbered.

Bring Proper Supplies — and common sense — for Sex in the Water

If you’re planning to have sex in water (pool, hot tub, lake, river, ocean, you name it) be ready. Water is not your friend. In fact, water washes away natural female lubrication, which can increase the likelihood of getting a UTI and/or vaginal irritation.

Bring plenty of lubricant. This may not be the time for a long foreplay session, which is OK. Having a bottle of lubricant handy can increase your ability to have sex in the water.

Our favorite lubricant is Überlube, a silicone-based lubricant. Using a silicone-based lubricant can be especially helpful in water as it doesn’t get washed away, like a water-based lube, which means it lasts longer. The Good-to-Go Traveler is the perfect size to slip into your pocket and take along for vacation sex.


Some options to consider if you’re planning to have sex in a pool, lake, river, or the ocean: try doing it on a raft or stick to shallow areas. Don’t forget some towels to cover up.

***Be responsible. Please obey all local and state regulations when considering places outside.

Vacation sex can be all that you both want it to be. This is your time to strengthen your sexual intimacy in a whole new way, and make memories you’ll share with one another for years to come.

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