For the most part people in your life want the best for you. They come beside you, lift you up every chance they get and are encouragers of your marriage.

3 Types of People Pic

You have friends like this which is fantastic!

And then there are people who drag you down. Everything they say is negative, ill advised and makes you question your marriage.

You love both of these people and yet the later wears you out!

So who are these people?

3 Types of People Keeping You From an Extraordinary Marriage

1. Your Recently Separated/Divorced Friend

You know the one who is calling you every hour telling you about how horrible their spouse is. Over time your friend has begun to influence your thoughts about your own marriage.This isn’t the person you should be looking to for marital advice. They’re so frustrated with where they are in life that they spew negativity.

Allow some space between the two of you. We know you want to be there for them during this difficult time. But if they are having a negative impact on your marriage you need to think about which relationship is more important to you. Your marriage or your friendship?

2. Your Never Married Brother

Or your sister, your cousin, or your friend for that matter. What do they know about being fully committed to the love of your life? They spout off the latest fads to be happy in marriage from some popular TV host and yet they have no clue. They are lucky if they can even make it past a first date with someone.

Love this person because they are part of your life. Don’t take marriage advice from them though.

3. Your Flirtatious Co-Worker

Run! This person only has their best interest at heart and is willing to tear a part your marriage. The time they are spending in your presence is driving a wedge between you and your spouse. The grass isn’t greener so beware of a person who is willing to flirt with you when they know you are married.

You may really be enjoying all the attention you are getting and the butterflies that are fluttering in you. Guess what…those are the wrong butterflies to have. It’s time you stood up for your marriage as you ask this person to move on.

Now, ultimately, your marriage is your responsibility. 

You can’t blame anyone else if you are listening to bad advice from those who don’t have your best interest at heart.

The point we are making here is that you can be persuaded by people in your life. It is wise to have a healthy perspective on who you are around and what boundaries you may need to establish in your marriage.

As you thrive to have an extraordinary marriage, keep your eyes and ears open for these people.

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Who are some other people keeping you from an extraordinary marriage? 

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  1. Your Recently Separated/Divorced Friend
    The WORST part about this… is, if you are at all, even a tiny bit, an easily influenced person, you dont even know it is happening! I wasnt looking for advice FROM this friend, but over the past 2 months, as I was seeking to “be there” for her, even telling her podcasts and giving resources, I found myself being poisoned by her. Her selfish, self fulfilling attitude started creeping in! Thanks to awareness like this- like this blog- and podcast talk, I recognized it, and was able to get my own marriage back on track. But I had to distance myself from her. Tell her I love THEM, I am praying for THEM, but need to do it from afar. I honestly have had to not even talk to her. No emails, no phone calls, no wine nights, or even bible study together. I felt like I was abandoning her, yet I knew it was right for us right now. The enemy loves loves loves people to fall into the company of misery and selfishness. I swear divorces happen in pairs.