Marriage is great. It can also be a roller coaster ride with many ups and downs.

Motivation? It's Right Inside You

There are times when everything is going right.

You and your spouse are tracking with each other at every level.

Then there are times when you are in the valley. Nothing is going your way as you flounder in worry, fear, and despair.

Have you experienced this ride?

If so, you are not alone. It is part of the marriage experience.

We have experienced both the mountain tops and the valleys in our marriage.

The Mountain Tops

60 Days of Sex Challenge

Praying Together Daily

Playing on the Same Team

The Valleys

18 Year Addiction to Pornography

Wandering Eyes

Loss of a Child

It is during these valleys that we have had to get “our marriage mojo back”. When we say “mojo” we mean our zest, zeal, and motivation for ourselves and our marriage.

When it comes down to it, each of you cannot look to the other to get your motivation back. No one can motivate you. It has to come from within you.

We want to share 3 ways that we have gotten our “marriage mojo” back. By working on ourselves we then are able to help the other one get their motivation back.

3 Ways to Get You Marriage Mojo Back

Set Individual and Couple Goals

Face it, you are a goal seeking person. When you set an audacious goal (or even a small one) your brain tunes into what you want to achieve.

The problem is that you won’t achieve a goal unless you figure out what you want. Some possible goals are:

These goals are for you and your marriage.

Pick up a piece of paper right now and write down one goal you want to accomplish over the next 7 days. Yes, start small and build from there.

Celebrate the Successes

Everyday take some time to jot down in Evernote, some other app, or a piece of paper 2-3 successes you had for the day. Train your brain to look at the positives that you have done throughout the day.

When you are going through difficult times your mind is constantly on the negative. To get out of your funk you need to look at the good that is happening in your life.

Take time each week to sit down with your spouse and share what you have accomplished. If the both of you have a goal together this is a great time to communicate your successes together.

On a monthly basis go out and have a celebratory date, dessert, or a fun adventure outside of your home.

Internal Booster

Let’s face it – You’re a busy individual with loads of responsibility. From the time you get up until you lay back down there is something that is vying for your attention.

If you don’t have the pizzazz to make your day extraordinary you are going to crash and burn.

It is vitally important that either on the mountain top or in the valley that your internal booster is working for you, not against you.

It’s time that you get your marriage mojo back. Don’t look for another how-to. It’s right here in front of you. You have to take action in your life and your marriage right now if you want to climb out of the valley.

It’s right inside YOU!

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