Is your marriage on the skids? Worried that you may not be able to make it much longer with your partner?

If so, you may need to improve communication in your marriage.

Improved communication can take your relationship to new heights. Learning to improve communication can be a difficult process, but it can be done.

Here are three simple ways that you can improve communication in your marriage starting today.

Some of these solutions may surprise you and yet we promise that you will see the difference almost immediately.

Sacrificing for the Greater Good

No, we are not talking socialism, here. Instead, we are talking about being less selfish by thinking about your spouse before you think about yourself. The next time you find yourself thinking in terms of “me,” or talking in those terms, change it to “we”.

Your attitude (as well as your possible resolve about a particular situation in your marriage) will likely change immediately. Be sure to approach all situations, from trivial plans to huge life changing decisions, with this WE attitude.

Your spouse will be thankful for it, and things will go smoother for both of you.

Use Your Indoor Voice

We know this may be an outdated way to tell schoolchildren to keep it down, but yelling and shouting really builds communication walls.

Improve communication by sitting down together and talking out something you disagree on in a calm, cool way. Leave the yelling and screaming behind.

When you communicate in quieter, more sincere tones, you are less likely to say hurtful things to one another (or something you may regret). You are also more likely to finally work something out, come to a compromise, or an agreement.

Ditch the Tech

You would think needing to improve communication would be a bygone problem in our age of technology.

Instead, we see plenty of couples actually needing to improve communication in part because of tech.

When interacting with your partner or your family, turn off the TV. Do not look at or answer your cell phone. Stop texting.

Instead, genuinely listen to what is being said to you. Feel free to also ask your partner, as well as your family members, to do the same.

In no time you will see that you are communicating more frequently and better.

For more advice on how to strengthen your marriage, check out He Zigs, She Zags: Get Your Communication on the Same Path today!

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  1. Yes, ditch the tech. good comment. And not just cell phones. Also television, computers, etc. In our work with couples, we find that activities such as continually checking Facebook and other social media may be connecting an individual to friends and acquaintances, but it is separating them from their spouses!