If your marriage is anything like ours then you have had times when you have made love in the same place, same position, and the same time for an extended period of time.

Can you say BORING!

We know because we’ve had boring sex.

The way to rediscover your sex life for a happy marriage is to get out of your comfort zone.

By stepping out of your comfort zone, what you tell yourself you can and can’t do, you’ll begin to try something new a little bit at a time.

Games, different places (inside and outside the house) and toys have enhanced our love making.

Each time we have tried something new we get out of our comfort zone and learn something new about ourselves and each other.

There have been times we even learned that we didn’t like what we tried. That’s OK too.

Having open and honest communication about both what you’ve enjoyed and didn’t enjoy allows for you and your spouse to rediscover your sex life together.

3 Ways to Rediscover Your Sex Life for a Happy Marriage

Sexy Board Games

There are numerous games you can play to spice up your sex life.

Some of the ones that we have enjoyed are naked Wii bowling, Wii baseball, Sex Stack, and these cool scratcher cards.

We’ve also have enjoyed Foreplay Dice, stripe poker and others. Each one has helped us to get more comfortable around each other naked.

When playing a sexy board game you also get the opportunity to try new kisses, touches, or positions that you wouldn’t have thought on our own.

New Places, New Positions

One area that lacked creativity when it came to our sex life was where we had sex.

For the majority of the time we had sex on our bed, in our bedroom.

It was the very, very rare occasion that we ventured out.

Over the years we have made it a goal of ours to try new places to spice up our sex life.

Since then we’ve made love in our living room, in the back of the car, bathroom, closet, in a park, and on top of a mountain.

In addition to new places, experimenting with a new position or two can help you rediscover your sex life for a happy marriage.

This magazine has been fantastic when we are looking to try new positions.

Sex Toys for Couples

Sex toys were something that we didn’t explore in our marriage for the first 12 years.

We don’t know why because once we began using sex toys at certain times it was really enjoyable.

We’ve used silk towels, handcuffs, a vibrator and blindfolds. There are many other toys out there that can be used to enhance your sexual pleasure.

For us it wasn’t the sex toys that we had to overcome, but our own insecurities using them.

What we came to realize is that any toy we use is an enhancer to our sex life not an everyday item to be used.

Choose from one of these or all of them over the upcoming weeks and months to rediscover your sex life for a happy marriage.

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