There are many ways to show gratitude to your spouse throughout the year. But when life gets busy, thanking your spouse can fall by the wayside. Showing gratitude is so important to your marriage, and it’s easy to incorporate it into everyday life. Start today. You and your spouse will both reap the benefits of gratitude.

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Why Showing Gratitude is Important

Emotional intimacy is a key pillar for extraordinary marriages. Spouses strengthen this pillar through both verbal and non-verbal communication. Sharing feelings, thoughts, and desires helps spouses feel close and connected.

One way to strengthen your Emotional Intimacy Pillar is by expressing gratitude. The simple act of verbalizing appreciation helps create a positive cycle in your marriage. While feeling grateful is good, it’s important to express it. Gratitude goes much further when it is communicated.

Expressing gratitude affects both the recipient and the giver. Spouses who express gratitude can expect better relationships, better health, and a more positive outlook. And gratitude encourages recipients to continue their actions and behavior. A simple “thank you” can give your spouse an emotional and psychological boost.

Regardless of which ways you choose to show gratitude, there are countless benefits both for yourself and your spouse. Expressing gratitude can also minimize comparison. When you are thankful for what you have, you aren’t worried about what you don’t have. This mindset strengthens your marriage as you focus on appreciating your spouse.

Common Myths About Showing Gratitude

Myth #1: My spouse will stop doing what I compliment them on. 

Some people fear that expressing gratitude for their spouse’s actions might make them less likely to continue doing that action. But that is seldom the case. Consider how you feel when someone thanks you for doing something. It feels good to be appreciated! Don’t fear that expressing gratitude will make your spouse change their behavior. Instead, expect that sharing gratitude will bring you and your spouse closer.

Myth #2: I can only express gratitude for the grand gestures. 

Don’t overcomplicate gratitude. You don’t have to reserve your gratitude for just grand gestures. You can show appreciation for even the smallest things. Did your spouse do something to help you start your day off right? Did they smile or touch you in a way that made you feel special? If it meant something to you, let them know.

Myth #3: Showing gratitude has to be all or nothing. 

Ideally, we would find ways to show gratitude to our spouse every day of the year. But often, we get distracted and disconnected because of our busy lives. We forget to say even a simple “thank you.” Whether it’s been days or years since you’ve expressed gratitude to your spouse, don’t be afraid to start again. There’s no need to hesitate. Begin strengthening your Emotional Intimacy Pillar with gratitude today.

3 Ways to Show Gratitude

There are countless ways to show gratitude to your spouse. Consider how you can implement these ideas below—or any of your own—into your marriage. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or earth-shattering. Expressing gratitude starts with looking for the good in your spouse.

1. Say “thank you” in the moment. 

When you catch your spouse doing something you appreciate, say it! Express your appreciation right there and then. Don’t risk forgetting. Even a simple “Thanks for doing that” can completely change their day and yours. And remember, you can express appreciation for even the simplest of things. Don’t feel limited in how you express gratitude.

2. Write down your gratitude. 

How often have you kept a note from someone because it meant something to you? Did you keep it on your nightstand, in your wallet, or on the fridge? It’s no different in marriage. Written appreciation can have lasting effects. A note of gratitude can deepen your emotional intimacy with your spouse. It doesn’t matter if you jot it down on a sticky note, type it in a text, or write it in a letter. Taking a few moments to express your gratitude in writing can reinforce your marriage’s emotional intimacy.

3. Accept appreciation from your spouse. 

As we already know, expressing gratitude benefits both the giver and the recipient. So, while you seek to thank your spouse more often, allow them to do the same.

Sometimes, it can be easy to blow off a compliment. When your spouse thanks you for running an errand for them, you might say, “Well, I was running errands anyway, so it was no big deal.” Both you and your spouse should be able to express gratitude to each other. Rather than dismissing your spouse’s appreciation, acknowledge and accept it.

Incorporate Gratitude Into Your Marriage

Expressing gratitude in your daily life is essential. Setting aside time to reflect on your blessings is one way to deepen your emotional intimacy. Schedule time to sit down with your spouse—whether for coffee or a full meal—and share what you are thankful for.

Together, discuss your many blessings. Express gratitude for your children, relatives, friends, job, and more. Sharing your thoughts and feelings with your spouse strengthens the Emotional Intimacy Pillar. Expressing gratitude for things in your life besides your spouse is another way to deepen your emotional intimacy. You might learn new things about your spouse by what they appreciate. This exercise can foster connection and deepen emotional intimacy.

Take Your First Steps Towards Gratitude

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