Do you want to verbally connect at a deeper level?


Enjoy a conversation that reflects your heart?

Need words to communicate to your spouse what is going on inside you?

Words that express your emotions open your heart to your spouses. They increase your vulnerability and yet when you expose yourself you are accepted and your love goes to a deeper level.

These 3 words when added to your vocabulary will enhance your emotional intimacy.

Word #1: SAFE

“I feel safe with you.”

Safety is most often related to physical safety, but emotional safety is equally important. When you feel emotionally safe you have the freedom to share deep feelings even when these are unpleasant or when they are painful to hear. But what responses make a spouse feel safe?

Some possible uses of the word “safe” are:

“You are safe with me.”

“I’m glad you felt safe to share that with me.”

“I want you to know that I am here for you, you are safe with me.”

A deep sexual connection and true physical intimacy comes when both you and your spouse feel safe. To tell your spouse in the context of the sexual relationship, “I feel safe with you,” invites an emotional intimacy only the two of you have.

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“It’s a privilege to be married to you.”

When you expresses how privileged you are to be married to your spouse you are honoring them. It expresses that your marriage is not taken for granted but held in esteem.

This word, privilege, or the sentiment it communicates, is powerful when expressed publicly.

When in public make it a point to say something such as:

“The privilege of being married to you is all mine.”

“I have the privilege each day to be part of your life.”

What spouse doesn’t crave honor and appreciation? When one marries, one gives the most precious gift possible, one’s own life. To have given this precious gift and received words such as “It is a privilege for me to be married to you,” is indescribably pleasurable.

Word #3: CRAVE

“I crave being with you.”

Your spouse wants to be desired personally and sexually. To say that one deeply craves connection with the other expresses an emotional and physical hunger.

Crave is a word commonly used to talk about food so it’s already your vocabularies.

You understand the desire and need implied so when “crave” is applied to your spouse it is dynamite.

“I crave being with you,” is personal and intimate. It is visceral. It is hungry. It is vulnerable. It is delicious.

Growth in a relationship requires exploration into new dimensions including vocabulary. Learning new words to express emotional intimacy gives your spouse an avenue to bring freshness into your marriage.

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A deeper emotional connection is worth fighting for!

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