Two become one. You may have heard this when you stood before your pastor as you were about to say “I Do”.


Since you got married though you feel that the two of you are not united in your marriage. This is showing up in areas ranging from:

  • handling finances
  • dealing with family
  • what’s going on with the kids
  • your sex life
  • having a conversation
  • creating a safe environment, free of judgment or harsh words
  • spending time together
  • and the list goes on

You did not get married to do marriage by yourself. That’s a complete contradiction.

Let’s be clear, we are not saying that you have to do everything together and spend all day, every day together.

However, when there is no unity in your marriage it takes a heavy toll on you and your spouse.

When there isn’t unity in your marriage you feel:

  • distant
  • disconnected
  • frustrated
  • worthless
  • invisible
  • lonely
  • angry

This causes the distance between the two of you to grow. The silences get longer. The time spent away from one another grows. It’s time to go back to basics.

In this week’s show Tony and Alisa talk about what it truly means when two become one and when you come together to be unified in your marriage.

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One thought on “308: TWO BECOME ONE

  1. I must say that this podcast was a bit more enjoyable than usual! You read my Hug! I did want to update you and say that things are truly great with our marriage now on every level! I am amazed at how having sex more often and being creative in the process has made such a difference for us! We talk more often, touch more often and spend much more time relating to each other.

    I will also say that I look forward to your podcasts every Tues. and have downloaded your book about the 7 day challenge. I am thinking about how to approach my husband with a challenge of my own. Wish me luck!