Have you ever noticed that in movies you never see couples cleaning up after sex?


Usually this romantic moment has no clean up afterwards. The couple cuddles together as they basks in the afterglow of an amazing sexual moment together.

Seems odd…

As long as we have been making love, cleaning up after sex has always been a part of the our sexual intimacy.

Throughout your marriage cleaning up after sex can be impacted by your current form of birth control, are you trying to conceive a child, or even where you are making love. 

Some factors may be:

  • Are you using condoms?
  • Are you trying to make a baby or not trying to make a baby?
  • Are you in a hotel? One with two beds so that one is for sex and one for sleeping?
  • Are your sheets clean?

After you finish making love you want to cuddle and yet, in the back of your mind you’re thinking about fluids going all over the place.

The romance and intensity of what you have just experienced can be diminished by the time you finish cleaning up after sex.

This can change what was such a powerful moment.

We’ve been there ourselves many of times and have a few ways that you can get the most out of your time together after cleaning up.

In this week’s show Tony and Alisa talk about maintaining the delicate balance between romance and cleaning up after sex.

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11 thoughts on “315: CLEANING UP AFTER SEX

  1. Clean up…… It is usually me getting a warm wash cloth and hand towel and bringing it back to bed to clean up my husband. We call it Sex Spa! Very fun way to keep playing. if we start with a quickie and then oral pleasure for my orgasam, we need clean up asap which does breaks the mood a bit. If it is after wards I can arouse my husband while I clean him for round two. We usually try to wait to clean up until we are done “floating” or after glow cause cuddling is such a great part of sex. Thanks for the great topic

  2. Toilet paper here. It started by accident. Early on we used condoms so most of the mess was neatly packaged. When we started making babies we discovered that a bunch of stuff wants to squirt out of her after he pulls out. She laid there with her legs up the first time while he grabbed the first absorbent thing he could find. That first thing was toilet paper so that has been the standard ever since.

    Toilet paper works pretty good. A couple feet of TP for her will catch the drips on the way to the bathroom. A couple sheets of TP for him will catch any remaining drips on him.

  3. We put a towel down on the bed so the lube will not go through to the mattress pad. We also have some old wash cloths in the night stand drawer so we have them close by when we are done… We usually lay naked together after we are done and not worry about the fluids at that time till we are ready to get up from the bed and then we wipe up with the wash cloths. Who cares about the semen and where it is at… just lay together and when you are done then clean up,,,, it is okay for the fluids to absorb into the skin….. sex is meant to be messy but so what… look at it as something fun and hot you do together…. loosen up and live…

  4. We’re tissue people. It usually takes three tissues for me to contain whatever my husband has deposited. And two tissues to wrap around any residual mess my husband has on his own nether regions. It’s quick and simple to just grab a few Kleenexs from the box on the nightstand and catch/cover up the potential mess before it happens. Then we can cuddle for as long as we’d like before we eventually get up and take care of things more thoroughly together in the bathroom.

  5. We are cuddlers, and we don’t really care how messy the cuddling is. In fact, it is kind of a joke for us to see how big a mess we have made, as though a big mess means we have had a lot of fun. So there is no immediate clean up. Eventually one of us will decide it is time to take a shower. That time becomes a sort of transition back to the more mundane events of the day.

  6. We laughed and laughed over that podcast. Frankly – you worry way too much about the clean up!! It’s all part of it. Has never been an issue or a hiccup or awkward. It just is. We, too, had a particular towel we used – we called it the KST – (kinky sex towel). We always had one. And yes, early on, it was not washed very often . . . Alisa – I’d worry if you were still using the same one all week!! LOL And, I decided I liked your idea of special towels, so I went out and bought pink for my side and blue for his . . . 🙂

    A special note for menopausal women, it’s kind of nice to not worry about the clean up so much now — your body changes and it’s not so squicky to have his mmhmm left for a while. It’s kind of nice, actually . . .

    Love you guys and thanks for the giggles!!

  7. I thought this show was awesome. I use to say that to my husband. Hollywood makes it look so good and you don’t ever see them clean up. We use the cloth diapers we used when my son was a baby and we cuddle before and after clean up. But it was so refreshing to listen to your podcast on this. I just came onto your podcast and going to print out the 19 reasons to go over with my husband of 15 yrs. Thank you for your show.

  8. We purchased some white washcloths from Sam’s many years ago…
    So you can imagine that it is more like 20+ washcloths in all. We keep a stack of them on each side of our King size bed and try to have at least one up on the bed for clean up. It does get a lil tricky to get to the washcloths when the mood hits and we do not take the time to get one. Oh the fun times trying to move as a unit.
    Great topic. Thanks for the laughs!

  9. What my husband & I do changes depending on the situation… or what’s nearby. We use towels, tissue, wet wipes, even the t-shirt he wore that day lol.. whatever is within reach.
    After sex, we usually clean up immediately, because neither of us like rolling around in our “love puddles”. We laugh about how much or how big of a puddle we made and try to see what country or state it is shaped like. But after we get all wiped up, we hop right back into bed and have our “naked cuddles” and we’ll lay there and bask, give kisses…sometimes we fall asleep, and sometimes we start up round 2. But neither of us like wet, slimy or sticky things… and so this works for both of us. I think that I want to get a cute bedside basket tho, and put some hand towels in there specifically for sex.

  10. I just listened to this podcast today. Being in my late 40’s and my wife in her early 40’s, we look for ways to keep things fresh, and/or sometimes dirty.
    There are times when we’re too tired for sex, but will settle for mutual masturbation, or her letting me “relieve my stress” if she’s too tired to do anything.
    I have her take off her pants, but leave her underwear on. When it comes time, I pull down the waistband on her panties and ejaculate on her pubic hair and labia, then pull her panties back up.
    Being the gentleman I am, I go to the master bathroom and get a wet wash cloth to clean her up, and get some clean underwear for her.
    Our sex drive may be on the downslide as we get older, but we do what we can to keep the sexual spark going. Our love, passion, and commitment for each other is as strong as it was on our wedding day 11 years ago,
    Keep up the good work on your podcasts. It’s refreshing to hear Christians like us talk about sex and passion. It’s taboo in our society to talk about this, but Solomon truly had a lot to sing about. We should too.

    Scot, 48 years old
    eastern Iowa