When you move into a new house there are… New bedrooms, living areas, bathrooms and other place to explore to enjoy sex.

And yet, you may find yourself night after night in the same spot. Your bedroom!

What do you do as doing the same thing over and over again, in the exact same way is become to routine.


Routines leads to boredom and boredom leads to disconnect.

When anticipation and excitement stops being a part of your marriage in any area the drift starts to happen.

This doesn’t mean that you have to have fireworks every time you have sex. What it does mean is that you have within your control to create an atmosphere of anticipation.

One of the key ways to do this is through a change of scenery.

There is no rule that says that married couples can only have sex in the bedroom in the dark, at night.

You have been blessed with a home with many rooms. 🙂

When the anticipation builds, excitement builds and the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

In this week’s show Tony and Alisa talk about the importance of changing it up and having a change of scenery for your sexual intimacy.

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