Day after day we hear from couple after couple that their marriage is not what they wanted or expected.

There is no romance.

The sex is OK, at times.

There is a struggle with communication.

There are many disconnects.

Digging deeper into each relationship, sex has been a part of most of these relationships from the very beginning.

Before these couples truly knew each other, they were involved in one of the most intimate acts a couple can face, sex.

As a couple who has been in this place we know all to well the struggles that happen for couples who have sex early in a relationship.

When sex becomes an integral part of the relationship from the very beginning there are skills that don’t get developed.

Because of this sexual connection the two of you have to work in your marriage to develop the skills that you did not develop from the beginning.

Plain and simple sex feels good and yet it’s a distraction when the two of you are having challenges.

Sex cannot be the only glue that holds your marriage together.

Your marriage needs for the both of you to be emotionally, spiritually, and financially intimate as well as physically intimate.

In this week’s show Tony and Alisa talk about why sex is not always the answer to the challenges your facing in your marriage.

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