What’s the risk reward in your marriage?

There’s a risk in any relationship between two people.

  • You risk being vulnerable.
  • You risk being rejected.
  • You risk being misunderstood.
  • You risk hurt feelings.
  • You risk anger.
  • You risk silence.
  • You risk the distance growing in your marriage.
  • You risk losing your marriage.

In many marriage the idea of risk reward is a recurring theme.

Here’s the thing about risk reward…


Fear will stop you in your tracks as you ask yourself statements similar to these:

  • I never had the conversations I wanted to have.
  • I never asked for what I wanted.
  • I never did what I should have.


The RISK seemed too large and yet… what about the reward?

The reward is…

  • Deeper emotional connection.
  • Living out your lives fully.
  • You’re loved more for who you truly are.
  • Open and honest conversations.
  • Long lasting marriage.
  • Sex like never before.

You get to choose each day what the risk reward is in your marriage.

In this week’s show Tony and Alisa talk about the risk reward that you face when making a change in your marriage and why you need to focus on the reward not the risk.

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One thought on “329: RISK REWARD

  1. I am grateful for the man God connected me with to be a loving partner, We have three boys and life is pretty much a comfortable routine… We rarely schedule love making, but we rarely make love either. I sometimes feel like my husband is not interested in me or finds me unattractive (in my mind)— I LOVE words of affirmation and I also love physical touch (both a barely get from my hubby)… I try my best to stay attractive and up on taking care of him but I also feel like the children and not having alot of support with them (family lives far) holds my marriage so its not able to thrive well enough for my liking… Are we at risk of falling out of love?