National Husband Day—or Husband Appreciation Day—falls on the third Saturday in April. 

Expressing appreciation to your spouse is something you should do all year long. Of course, having special days to remind us throughout the year is helpful.

33 Great Ideas to Celebrate National Husband Day

There’s a common expression that says, “What you appreciate appreciates,” meaning it increases in value. This applies to spouses, too.

Showing your spouse appreciation isn’t just for them. The words you say about your spouse and the actions you take to celebrate them also affect you. As a result, you both benefit. 

So, this National Husband Day, show your spouse that you love and appreciate them in a fun and thoughtful way. Check out the list below for 33 creative ideas. 

Creative Ideas to Celebrate National Husband Day

It never hurts to ask your spouse directly, “How can I best show my appreciation for you?” However, National Husband Day is a great time to go out on a limb and surprise your spouse with a meaningful gesture. 

Here are 33 creative ideas to make the most of this day. 

Quality Time Together

Here are some ways to deepen your 6 Pillars of Intimacy® as you spend time together on this special day: 

  1. Give him a relaxing massage after a long day at work.
  2. Watch his favorite sports game or TV show together, even if it’s not your favorite.
  3. Plan a leisurely walk together, holding hands and enjoying each other’s company.
  4. Watch the sunset together and share a moment of silence.
  5. Take a moment to dance together in the living room, even if there’s no music playing.
  6. Watch old home videos or look through photo albums together.
  7. Take a drive together and explore a new neighborhood or town.
  8. Do a home project together, whether painting a room or building furniture.

Personalized Experiences

Your spouse is one-of-a-kind! These National Husband Day ideas focus on your husband’s uniqueness:

  1. Create a playlist of songs that remind you of him and play it throughout the day.
  2. Make a mini scrapbook with recent photos of the two of you.
  3. Create a customized star map depicting the night sky on the day and location of your wedding or another significant marriage milestone.
  4. Compile a “memory jar” with special moments, inside jokes, and reasons why you love your husband on small pieces of paper. 
  5. Surprise your husband with a personalized video message from his favorite celebrity or public figure on Cameo

Adventure and Fun

These ideas can strengthen your recreational intimacy while celebrating your spouse on National Husband Day:

  1. Plan a movie night at home with his favorite snacks.
  2. Book a staycation at a unique accommodation like a treehouse, lighthouse, or converted train carriage. 
  3. Plan a surprise outing to his favorite coffee shop or bookstore.
  4. Surprise him with a mystery date and give him small clues along the way. 
  5. Book a private wildlife encounter where the two of you can get up close and personal with some exotic animals.
  6. Conduct a DIY science experiment, such as making slime or building a homemade volcano. 
  7. Plan a mini adventure, like visiting a nearby museum or botanical garden.
  8. Set out his favorite board game or video game to play together.

Delicious Ideas

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Celebrate National Husband Day with some tasty treats: 

  1. Cook his favorite meal for dinner.
  2. Organize a food or drink tasting. 
  3. Surprise him with his favorite dessert or treat.
  4. Make him breakfast in bed, complete with his favorite morning beverage.
  5. Book a private cooking class with a professional chef who specializes in your husband’s favorite cuisine.

Meaningful Gestures

National Husband Day is a great excuse to go above and beyond for your spouse. Check out these meaningful ideas: 

  1. Write a love note and leave it somewhere for your husband to find unexpectedly.
  2. Initiate sex in a new way.
  3. Take care of a task on his to-do list without him asking.
  4. Create a time capsule filled with mementos, photos, and letters documenting your life together, and bury it in a special location. 
  5. Arrange a surprise virtual reunion with your husband’s long-lost friends or relatives he hasn’t seen in years.
  6. Tell him three things you appreciate about him.
  7. End the day with a long hug and kiss.

Time to Celebrate! 

From personalized surprises to meaningful adventures, there’s something every wife can do to make her husband feel loved on National Husband Day. 

Need help expressing your appreciation? Pick up these 56 Simple (But Super Effective) Compliments to Encourage Your Spouse.

Remember that even though some of these ideas are simple, the little things can mean the most in a relationship. 

This is a day to get intentional about appreciating your husband. So, pick a few ideas and make it happen! 

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