Married couples perform both sex and making love. Would you agree?

Sometimes it is intentional and sometimes it’s because of circumstances.

Sex happens when you only have 10 minutes before dinner for a quickie. You only have 10 minutes so it’s not going to be a marathon love making session.

But if you are on vacation by yourselves with no kids now there’s no need to just have sex.

You plan on making love while away.

Making love is probably the easier one of these to understand, the slow and go with the emotional connection.

On the other hand issues can arise when you and your spouse are only having sex.

Let’s be clear before you start to think that this is only about husband’s using their wive’s…

This goes both ways!

You may have even experienced this in your own marriage.

So, as we dive into what it means to have sex and making love there is a very unique question to be answered…

What would selfish sex look or be like for a married couple?

In this week’s show Tony and Alisa talk about the difference between having sex and making love and why knowing the difference matters in your marriage.

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