Is there an emasculated man living in your home?

For the purpose of this show emasculated means:

  • Make a person weaker or less effective
  • Deprive a man of his role or identity

Wives, you have the opportunity to not have an emasculated man in your marriage by the thoughts and action you have toward your husband. 

Husband’s are being emasculated every day in their marriage, even ours has experienced this, and it happens in little ways.

  • It’s not giving his suggestions equal billing in your marriage.
  • It’s not understanding and / or seeking to understand his role and the pressures he faces.
  • It’s putting him farther down on the priority list and as a result putting his needs behind everyone else’s.
  • It’s assuming that because he used to be one way that he can never change, improve and grow.

The thing is that you don’t want another “child” to care for.

You want a husband who is there for you emotionally, spiritually, physically and financially.

You don’t need an emasculated man anymore. You need a strong husband who…

  • understands his value.
  • feels your love, who knows that their home is a safe place, who knows that they will be encouraged and built up in that environment.
  • feels that they are important for more than just bringing home a paycheck
  • knows that they are a priority and will always be a priority in your life.
  • understands that change is possible and that who they used to be or what they have done in the past does not define who they are forever.

As the famous write Ralph Waldo Emerson stated, “A man’s wife has more power over him than the state has.”

You have the power right now to purposefully impact your husband.

Take a step of faith and go do it!

In this week’s show Tony and Alisa talk about the problem of the emasculated man in marriage and how you as his wife can either build him up or tear him down.
One step in the direction of vulnerability will bring the intimacy in your marriage to a new place.
One step in the direction of vulnerability will bring the intimacy in your marriage to a new place.

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