“Circumstances may cause interruptions and delays but never lose sight of your goal.” —Mario Andretti


Has there ever been a time in your marriage when you and your spouse were about to enjoy sex and then you hear a knocking at your door?

Maybe you can relate to this scenario…

  • All of the kids are in bed (or so you think)
  • The house is quiet
  • You’re locked in your room
  • Your Sound+Sleep Machine is on as you begin to make romantic eyes at one another
  • You start foreplay
  • And there’s a knocking on the door.

Who is it?

It’s one of your kids, who you thought was asleep, needing some cuddle time.

You head out of bed, help them get settled and then head back to your bedroom.

Your spouse is waiting as you climb back into bed. You begin to get in the mood when again you hear…

Knocking at your door.

In this week’s show Tony and Alisa talk about what happens when someone’s knocking on your bedroom door in the middle of your time together.

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  1. This is my life with the interruption of toddlers. I used to get upset and just fall asleep if I didn’t get the kids to sleep. We now take the time into getting them back to sleep and re-engaging one another and at times getting a more fulfilling experience out of it. It is a lot easier getting her back into the mood verses starting from nothing. This takes communication and focus to know each other’s needs in that moment. Like if I go a little flat she will give more attention to me to get back to it or focusing the foreplay on her to get her to that point. I think I will try locking the door because I have had my toddler walk in a couple of times full erect and it gets awkward since they are at the hip level.