“Snoring is a good indication that one person is asleep and no one else is.”
—Linda Poindexter

It’s been another long day as you prepare yourself for a good night sleep.

You slide into bed, turn on your Sound+Sleep Machine as you enjoy a quiet house.

Your eyelids begin to close and you are just about to fall asleep when…

The snoring starts.

Oh no!

Another night of sleep is going to be a challenge. AGAIN.

Marriages are struggling when one or both spouse’s are snoring.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, snoring affects some 90 million adults, 37 million on a “regular basis”.  

If this is you in your marriage… you are not alone.

But this doesn’t make it any easier for you.

Snoring can cause many problems in marriage. Such as:

  • Frustration, more arguments, more disconnection.
  • Sleeping in separate rooms. 
  • Arguments about whether or not it’s happening. Making your relationship a he said/she said.
  • Your health.

Now, the two of you don’t have to keep on suffering…

In this week’s show Tony and Alisa talk about what happens in your marriage when one of you is snoring so loud that it interrupts a good night of sleep.

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One thought on “348: YOU’RE SNORING TOO LOUD

  1. Ah sleep… I get maybe 1 to 2 nights of decent sleep (still wake a couple times) per month. I NEVER sleep through the night. Anything from back pain to frequent urination to night sweets to mind not shutting off etc etc etc keep me waking.

    Been to the doctors multiple times, we’re also regulars at our chiropractors office, had sleep study done (which said I don’t have apnea), done sleep hygiene, different sleep positions, pillow positions, dietary changes, have tried multiple toxic Pharma meds, otc meds and natural remedies all to no avail.

    We have the same sound machine you have which allows at least my wife to sleep through my snoring. We also have a high dollar sleep number bed (no setting has made a difference).

    I’m the chronically tired one but also the high drive one (whereas she has 0) and its been this way for our entire marriage of 18 years… talk about a recipe for frustration lol.