“Once you lie to me the first time, I’ll question everything else you say.”

When you lie to your spouse it’s a cancer that multiplies over time.

The lie starts off small and then grows with one lie after another.

Eventually you have something so large and unrecognizable that the pain you are experiencing has to go.

We are experiencing an epidemic in marriages, an epidemic of lying and it’s wreaking havoc on relationships.

Lies can come in different forms such as…

  • Not telling the truth.
  • Leaving out bits and pieces.
  • Not honoring your word.
  • Little white lies.
  • Big whopping lies.

Research has shown that individuals will lie for different reasons. The most common are:

  • Trying to protect yourself.
  • Feeling shame over a decision.
  • Wanting to avoid confrontation.

The very things that you are trying to avoid are the things that you invite into the relationship by your lying.

When you speak these lies you find yourself under attack as you constantly look over your shoulder wondering how or when your partner is going to find out about your secret.

In this week’s show Tony and Alisa talk about how lies become a cancer in your marriage and what you need to do to heal.

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