“If her bra matches her panties when you take off her clothes, it wasn’t you who decided to have sex.” —Anonymous

When you are wearing sexy underwear it has a way of bringing you and your spouse together in a special way.

A loose definition of sexy underwear is: underwear that has fun colors or patterns that hug you in all of the right places because they fit.

Many folks dismiss the importance of underwear, seeing them as merely a functional piece of clothing and yet they have the potential to be so much more.

  • Sexy underwear makes you feel sexy.
  • It’s visually stimulating for both of you.
  • You think about your partner throughout the day, knowing that they are going to be pleased with what they see. 🙂
  • Your sexy underwear is another tool in your marriage tool box.

Whatever constitutes sexy underwear for you the key is getting them and then wearing them often.

In this week’s show Tony and Alisa talk about your sexy underwear and why it’s not just a functional piece of clothing.

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10 thoughts on “350: YOUR SEXY UNDERWEAR MATTERS

  1. I found your podcast last year and listened to the episode about underwear back then. At that point I tossed all my old underwear and bought all new lingerie sets. Since then I have matched every day! Yes, every day! My husband loves it, but more than that I love it! It makes me feel good about me! It makes me feel pretty! I highly recommend it!

  2. Hi Tony and Alisa, I have been listening to your podcast for the last six months. It has really helped me in my marriage. However, I have indicated to my wife that I would like her to wear sexy underwear. I have bought her lingerie and different underwear throughout our relationship (5 years). But she has never worn what I have bought her and she religiously wears very plain underwear. I think she feels subconscious about her body and the way she looks in the underwear. I struggle with this because I absolutely love lingerie but she has refused to wear sexy underwear. It’s odd because she chooses to wear sexy clothes the times we may head to a bar or club. Any tips to approach this subject in a safe and but effective way?

    • Hey Allen,

      Thanks for sharing. From the sounds of it there is something that needs to be uncovered to get to the root of the issue. I have worked with many women who have had body image issues and are self-conscious about wearing sexy underwear. It’s a process though of peeling back the layers and then being able to give actionable steps to moving forward. The best thing is to set up a coaching call, https://wwww.oneextraordinarymarriage.com/coaching, so that we can discuss this from all angles.

      Love you guys,


  3. Love the podcast! Had to laugh at the message being seen by the kids. There is an app we use called Couple and it is password protected and does not show the message until you open it. Great for conversations of any kind you don’t want the kids to see. It has the ability for photos as well that do not sync to the photo stream. Great for times when hubby is out of town.

    • We use an app called Telegram which allows for secret conversations with your spouse and allows you to keep those conversations behind a PIN and Touch ID so the kids don’t come across them if they are playing with the phone. Also it can keep the contents of the message from appearing on your lock screen like regular messages. Its been very helpful in allowing us to keep those types of conversation going day to day.

    • Hey Sarah,

      Oh we are still laughing at times about that text. We used Couple in the past and actually wrote about it. We may need to get back to it. 🙂

      Love you guys,

      Tony & Alisa

  4. Wow! Yes the sexy lingerie can make your bed life sexier and intimated. Thank you for sharing such an important knowledge.